Saturday Reflections 11.04.2017


It was really nice to finally have a quieter week! Not having something on the calendar every single night was such a relief. Especially when it falls before weeks like this upcoming one, with something going on every single day! We really need those calm weeks to reset the balance.

On Sunday morning, we went to the dog park. Shepard was eating a popcorn ball on the way there and his loose tooth became extra loose. It was his first loose tooth and I thought he’d be really excited about losing it, but he was actually incredibly angry. He was pouting and stomping his feet. Then it suddenly popped out and for about twenty seconds he was excited and let me take a picture. And then he got sick! Well, he didn’t actually throw up, but he thought he was going to, so we had to rush back home where he laid down for a couple of hours.


Sunday afternoon Caden was invited to a friend’s birthday party at the roller rink. Greg was spending the day with a friend, so Shepard and I went along to skate too. We are all really bad!! The boys were falling so much I finally rented them a trainer to share. I never fell, thank goodness, but I could also barely move. I’m pretty sure I made it around the room twice in the two hours we were there. They had fun, though. We left a little early after Caden fell and hit his side really hard on a bench. He didn’t want to skate any more after that.


Shepard wrote me this note to send to his teacher on Monday. I had a good laugh about it! When Caden has therapy I need to pick them both up at 2:45, so Shepard thought it was about time we had another appointment.


Tuesday was Halloween! We had a pretty low key celebration. I tried to get orange and black out for everyone to wear.


I made Halloween shaped spaghetti for the boys, Greg and I ate ravioli, and I made dark chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips and m&m’s.


After dinner we listened to spooky music and put together our Halloween treat puzzle that we do every year. It was a nice night!


On Wednesday night, we were back on normal schedule and the boys went to Grandma’s house. Greg suggested we go on a real date with our night off. So we headed to Salvatore’s in Sun Prairie. Such good pizza, but I never feel too great after. πŸ™


Every night we watch tv together and every night Rory acts like he’s the happiest cat in the world snuggling with Greg. It makes me so happy to see him so happy! It’s a constant point of amusement for me to see how cozy he can make himself. He still spends most of his time hiding out in the basement during the day. Annie has yet to walk down the scary stairs, so it’s Rory’s very chilly haven from her. Though Rory has been spending quite a bit more time upstairs this week.


I spent Monday running fun bookish errands. And Tuesday-Thursday working hard. I made six new dolls. So far only sold one and tentatively sold one to a lady who always insists on paying by check in the mail, which drives me a bit insane. But she buys often, so…




I’m working on Christmas dolls next, so I hope they’re a bigger seller.

Thursday, Caden stayed home from school sick. He wasn’t actually sick. But I wrote about all that in my last post, so read it there.


Early Friday morning. I woke up with a terrible headache and had a stomachache later. Been kind of a rough week. But I distracted myself by going to Hobby Lobby to look at Christmas things. Tis the season! Almost. πŸ™‚


I spent most of Saturday doing some early Christmas shopping with Cindy. We love going to all the discount stores like Marshall’s and TJMaxx. I didn’t find many gifts, but it’s always fun to dig around and get some unique ideas for people! We also had a delicious lunch at Panera.

Saturday night, Greg and Shepard went to Grandma’s for dinner. Caden was throwing too many fits about things, so his punishment was staying home with me. πŸ˜› We took Annie for a long walk and then finished up this dog puzzle we started on Halloween night. It ended up being a nice bonding evening. Puzzles are another thing the two of us can do together.

And that was our week!

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