My First Experience with #ONEDAYHH 2017

Last year on November 9th, about halfway through the day, I started seeing people tagging photos with the hashtag #ONEDAYHH. I quickly realized that it was part of a worldwide instagram photo project started by Laura Tremaine (at her former blog Hollywood Housewife). All day long on November 9th each year, people are invited to post random photos of their lives. As the day goes on, you start looking at all the photos using the hashtag and realize how small the world really is. I was fascinated by the project, but it was too late in the day to do anything about it. Plus it felt pretty pointless since my instagram account is private. But this year, when I started seeing people talking about it a few weeks ago, I got super excited! My @everydaycrumbs instagram account is public, so it was the perfect space for me to join the photo movement with my own everyday moments.

I’ve had a deep love for photography since I got my first camera around age eight or nine. Since having kids, I’ve been even more obsessed with recording the little bits of life that might not mean anything to anyone else, but they mean everything to me. I’m often a little bit embarrassed by how many photos I take every day. I’m very self conscious about it when I’m with friends and rarely take my phone out. (Though they should just be happy I’m no longer toting my DSLR everywhere!) But then I remind myself that this is what matters. This is my life. I don’t think I’ll ever look back on it and wish I hadn’t taken so many photos. What if something happens to one of my children? What if one of my pets dies tomorrow? I’ll never regret how many photos I took of them. Anyway – all that to say, I really loved this project! I probably went a bit overboard. Many people I saw only took a handful of photos throughout the day. But I really wanted to give a full and complete picture of what a day in my life is like. The only abnormal part of this particular day is that I saw friends – twice! Even going back and adding timestamps to the photos, I’m wishing I had taken more. I also wish I had added full explanations for each photo on instagram. Next year!!


I usually get up around 4:45 to 5, naturally. I don’t usually shower immediately, but I had a busy morning ahead.


Rory came up to me with a needle sticking out of his mouth. I pulled out the attached string while he gagged. I’m not sure where he got it because I usually keep all needles with attached string pretty well locked up.


Trying to have a quiet time reading my favorite sort of like a devotional book. I love that Rory has been out of the basement this past week, but it’s driving me a little crazy how he’s ALWAYS in my way now.


I usually try to fit some work in while listening to an inspirational podcast before I’m officially on mom mode at 6:30.


While they wait, because they know they don’t get to go outside to go potty or eat breakfast until the clock hits half past six!


Potty time.


One of my least favorite parts of the day. And they both had cold lunch all week long.


I was ahead of things and actually got to eat breakfast before school! This homemade haphazard granola is amazing.


I was getting dressed and heard whimpering and hissing. Rory has reclaimed the upstairs as his domain and wouldn’t let Annie up.


Shepard was all about this photo project and then got grumpy. So I posted the picture where he wasn’t actively glaring at me.


At the dog park, trying to get Annie to wear off some energy. It was SO COLD. I’m not ready for winter.


We were the only people there and she was having a blast.


Quick tidying up!


My friend Katy and her little daughter came over for caramel lattes. I was distracted trying to keep Annie from being obnoxious and then too self conscious about asking Katy to take a picture with me. But…she was there!


Back to work, taking more photos of the Christmas dolls I made earlier this week, trying to drum up more interest at Heartstring Annie. It didn’t work.


Cutting dresses for some tree topper Annies I’m working on.


I hate figuring out lunch for myself. Most days I just kind of snack all day. But when I actually take the time to make something (quesadillas), I like to sit at the table and watch part of a show.


Nap time! It was a pretty intensely busy morning and I needed the break. Rory joined me. He used to nap with me all the time. Then we got Annie and he spent seven months in hiding. Now he’s back!


In that seven months, Jack napped with me. But now Rory fights him off. 🙁 I found him napping in Shepard’s room when I got up.


Back to work for a little bit. I wish I was better at finding solid chunks of time to work. But there’s always so many other things to do!


Probably the building I frequent the most in my life right now! Which is a good thing!


Not so thrilled to be greeted with a photo.


He can running out yelling, “Take my picture!” I like that he’s interested enough in what I’m doing to remember throughout the whole day that I was doing this photo challenge.


On these really cold days I sometimes drive to pick up the boys. And pretty much every single time they ditch the quick and warm drive home to walk with their friend instead. It doesn’t make me too happy to stand outside for half an hour for the sole purpose of giving Shepard’s teacher the nod to let her know a responsible person is picking him up.


Chilling out, waiting for the easy dinner to be done in the oven.


Normally if I’m going out I let Greg fend for himself, but Caden needed to bring in dinner’s packaging for homework, so I made a quick meal for them with packaging he could easily bring in.


Looked over and saw Annie cuddling with the pig we bought her on Monday. She loves that thing!


I’m really terrible at making any sort of cooked vegetables. Except roasted broccoli because that’s the only cooked vegetable I genuinely love. But the other day Caden was raving about the carrots in a soup he had at a restaurant. So I picked up a package of steamable carrots and then mixed them with some melted butter and brown sugar. Caden ate almost the entire bag’s worth himself and said over and over again he wants me to make them every day! I loathe cooked carrots.


The not typical part of my day! I went to a winery/restaurant with my friends to celebrate Laura’s birthday. It was a unique experience! I really liked the wine I had – their sweetest, of course.


A table never opened up, so some older women took pity on us and asked us to join them. Not exactly the evening we were expecting, but they were fun! I had this sweet chili flatbread pizza.


Back at home. Rory’s ready for tv watching. This is where I wish I had taken a photo next because we watch tv together pretty much every single night, without fail. But the light was off and my phone was on the other side of the room, so I didn’t do it.


I also wish I had taken a picture of the boys sleeping. Every night I lay in bed with Shepard for about ten minutes talking about things and scratching his back. Caden’s always reading and has no interest in answering my questions, though I occasionally read with him. But they were both sleeping when I got home. Anyway, this ended up my night! Reading in bed – ALWAYS.

I had so much fun recording my day in this way! Next year I’ll have to give some warning so you can join me!

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