Book Review: Copycat by Alex Lake

Copycat by Alex Lake

Copycat by Alex Lake
Rating: 3.5 stars

Sarah Havenant is a wife, doctor, and mother of three young children. One day an acquaintance from high school sends her a facebook friend request asking which profile is the real one. This sends Sarah into a horrifying spiral of realizing someone is stalking her, messing with her mind, and ultimately out to ruin her life from the inside out. What started as a facebook duplication, turns much more terrifying as Sarah starts getting packages that she bought from her own account, letters addressed to her husband in her handwriting that she has no recollection of writing, and just missed kidnappings of her children. As the threats become more real she starts to lose her grip on reality while her husband and friends begin to lose trust in her.

I was a little lost at the beginning of this book. There was a lot of rambling and confusion. Occasional chapters referenced vague things that happened ten years in the past, but they seemed so disconnected that there was no way to tie the two story lines together. I mistakenly thought the narrator of the first flashback chapter was Sarah, which left me confused for the entire book and her connection to that storyline. As the stalking became more intense, I was more interested in the story. You start to wonder if Sarah is an unreliable narrator, or if something much more sinister is going on. You’ll definitely get answers. Answers that are maybe too well explained!

Overall, I enjoyed the book, but didn’t find it to be extremely memorable. There was one small part of the storyline that was left pretty open ended, which bothered me quite a bit. You find out the truth, but I personally was more horrified with other details that were just glossed over. It’s an intriguing psychological thriller, just not one of the best.

Author: Amy Noe

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