Sunday Intentions

With the bulk of our fall craziness behind me, it’s time to really settle in, get focused, and get to work! It was really easy to push sewing aside when pressing events like birthday parties and vacations were always on the horizon. And we still have quite a few things happening in the next couple of weeks. But the major things I’m responsible for are finally subsiding. No more excuses. It is time to dig deep for motivation, sit down, and work!

I was thinking that it was a pretty easy going week on the calendar, but now I’m realizing that’s not exactly the case. We don’t have school tomorrow due to conferences. Our conferences aren’t until evening, so the boys and I do have a free day. I’d like to do something somewhat special outside of the house, but the weather has been absolutely crummy lately. I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing yet.

Tuesday night I’m going to yoga again, but I’m also seriously considering taking a second yoga class beforehand with Shepard. It’s for parents and any kids ages 2-6. Not sure why the age limit for an evening class, but Laura was interested in taking her kids and when I asked Shepard if he wanted to go with me he gave a very enthusiastic yes. I’m definitely curious to see what that class will be like, but I’m kind of dreading two straight hours of yoga. I’m not sure I can handle it.

Caden has therapy Thursday, so I have to take the boys out of school early for the fifth time in five weeks. I hate doing that. If my kids actually came out of school when the bell rang it would be easier to schedule things just a shave later. But I can never, ever depend on them getting out of the building on time. Not THEIR fault. But annoying.

Friday night there’s some sort of Harry Potter parade about 45 minutes from here. We originally talked about going, but I guess it’ll depend on the weather and how enthusiastic we feel about it by then! It sounds like the whole weekend festival is quite the big deal, so it might be insanely crowded and not that much fun.

Saturday we’re babysitting Hudson! Which will be lots of fun! It’s also Brittany’s birthday, so we’re celebrating with her on Sunday. I think. Oh, and I want to go to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning. I think there are only two outdoor markets left and I haven’t been there since early September. Need to go!

Highest Priority This Week : SEW

I really need to get my act together. I need to sit down and focus and sew, sew, sew. I was doing so amazingly well in August and early September. And then I let everything else get in the way. I want to get back to finishing a batch of dolls every few days, accompanied by sales every single day. I don’t get those sales if I’m not constantly putting out new dolls. I also want to start working harder at my social media presence. I kind of feel like I need to apologize for posting often, which is why I’m not great about it. But I need to remember that for Heartstring Annie, people are there because they want to be. And I always have such great response the more I share. So I want to be a little more open about the process and share more than just the perfect finished project.

Second Priority: Blogging

It feels a little counterintuitive to my main goal of SEWING to also want to start focusing more on blogging. But…blogging is kind of my favorite thing to do right now. Writing energizes me in a way that nothing else does. It was my first dream as a child and with every day lately I realize how much it still is my dream. And I don’t want to give up on it. But to hopefully someday make it a bit profitable, I need to do the research required to start building Everyday Crumbs. More than just writing. I need to figure out what steps I need to take for people to actually see and read and care about what I have to say. I made an instagram account for it a few weeks ago, though haven’t posted anything. I need to make a facebook page. Perhaps even a twitter account. I’d like to figure out how to put a subscribe button on the main website so people will get posts every time I write them. I have lots of ideas swirling around, but let’s start with that!!

As usual, I’m totally unprepared to make a meal plan yet. We’ll have weird eating schedules on Monday, Tuesday, and possibly Thursday and Friday, so it’s hard to really plan anything. I’ve really lost all motivation to cook lately and we’re just kind of making due with whatever I decide at the last minute. I need to work on that. I need to work on a lot of things.

And that’s the week ahead! Have a great day!

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