Sunday Intentions 10.29.2017


I am so happy to finally have a quieter week ahead! These past two months have just been go go go and full of a little too much excitement! 🙂 It’s been awesome, but I’m also getting anxious to just settle into the school year, get myself on a better daily schedule, and not have our weekends always be booked to capacity.

Tomorrow will be my errand day. I like getting as much done as possible on Mondays, so the rest of the week can be dedicated to work. I’m also treating tomorrow as a bit of a self care day. I haven’t had much downtime in the past week, so I’m rewarding myself with a browsing trip to Barnes and Noble after my grocery shopping. That’s one of my favorite things to do when I just need a break from life.

Tuesday is Halloween! Though it doesn’t feel like much of a big deal when all the festivities are already over. I am planning to have Halloween shaped spaghetti for dinner. And probably some sort of themed dessert, that is yet to be determined!

Wednesday is an at home date night. We usually have them every week, but this fall has been so crazy there haven’t been many weeks where it worked out. No specific plans, but I usually like to make something for dinner that’s extra tasty.

Thursday and Friday are low key, except for an early release from school on Friday. Saturday I’m early Christmas shopping with Cindy. And Sunday we’re celebrating my brother Tyler’s birthday.

Top Priority – Work!

Doll making is my highest priority for the whole month of November. The last few years I found myself too overwhelmed with family things to do much sewing in December, and I assume that will probably be the case this year too. Which is fine! I always want to actually enjoy the Christmas season. But to prepare for that, I need to work my butt off in November. Today I started a batch of fun/random themed dolls. And after that it’s on to Christmas! I always run out of time to do as many Christmas dolls as I’d like. I’m hoping this is the year I can change that!

Second Priority – Self Care

Perhaps this is a bit counterproductive to my highest priority. But I want to keep it in mind. The last few weeks I’ve been getting up around five and having a bit of a devotional time. Then I start on some sewing while I listen to faith based podcasts. I don’t go on my computer or check anything until after I bring the boys to school. This routine has been a really nice start to my morning. Just to have the peace and quiet to myself, and to have positive thoughts flowing through me. I definitely want to make sure that continues to happen. But I need to take care of myself the rest of the day too. I’ve just been so busy lately that my daily long walks with Annie have really fallen to the wayside. We’ve taken many more trips to the dog park. Which she loves! But the walking time was good for both of us. It definitely needs to be a higher priority. There isn’t a yoga class this week because of Halloween, but I’d like to try and spend some time trying it out at home in the meantime. And I just want to be more aware of what I need to be happiest and to do it. Even if it means a dirtier house, laundry piles that last another day, or very simple dinners. Nobody is happy when I’m full of anxiety and stress. Little pockets of reading time, coffee time, occasional power naps – that’s what will keep me sane.

Meal Plans (still keeping things very simple this week)

Monday – Rotisserie Costco Chicken

Tuesday – Halloween Spaghetti and Ravioli

Wednesday – Date night…Meal TBD

Thursday – Waffles and Bacon

Friday – Spicy BBQ Pizza

Have a great week! 

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