Sunday Intentions 10.22.2017

It’s a busy week ahead! I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Though it seems like every week is a busy week this fall. There’s always so much going on! I suppose I should be happy that almost everything on our schedules is FUN. It just feels a little overwhelming sometimes when three of the four members of our family just really like to be chilling out at home the majority of the time. Plus I’m trying to you know, work, which is always really hard to do when life is busy. But – we’re making memories and living life and enjoying ourselves. And that’s what matters, right?!

Monday I’m hoping to run all the errands I’ll need to do for the week. Groceries, Halloween candy, a few random returns around Madison. It’ll be a busy day, but great if I can get it all done at the start of the week.

Tuesday night I’m trying the double yoga class thing. I’m not super excited about it, but I feel committed to the six weeks of class. I just hope I’m not going into it as exhausted as I felt last week.

Wednesday is a late start and I need to make things for the school bake sale.

Thursday night is SpookFest for school. Bake sale, costume contest, Halloween crafts. The boys will probably enjoy it.

Friday night there’s a community bonfire that might be fun to check out.

Saturday we’ll have our annual Halloween “party” with the grandparents and trick or treating is that evening. I really hope the weather holds out! This past week has been so nice again and now it’s supposed to get cold and yucky. Which is pretty typical for late October in Wisconsin. But it’d be nice to have one more nice afternoon!

So lots to do, lots to prep, lots to think about. Many busy nights, so I need to make sure I’m being productive during the day with work and household stuff – yet still resting enough so I can survive the nighttime events! It just occurred to me that I haven’t been following through with my Self Care Wednesdays, the way I did last year. I feel like I can’t afford to take those breaks yet. I’m far behind. But…I should do it anyway. Maybe next week. 🙂

Top Priority – Work!

I’d like to finish up the three large sets of pilgrims I’m currently working on. Hopefully by Wednesday. I’m getting antsy to maybe do one more set of non-holiday dolls and then start jumping into Christmas. I really think I might have enough time to do as many Christmas dolls as I want to do this year – which would be a first. I just need to stay focused!

Second Priority – Blogging

It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time for my monthly slew of media posts! I have a few other things I’d like to write on too. I want to figure out how do an email subscribe button. You’d think it would be pretty easy, but I feel so ridiculously technology stupid these days. Coding is NOT my thing. Fortunately, it is Greg’s livelihood, so I might need to get his assistance.

Third Priority – Halloween Fun!

Despite the work stuff, I want to have fun this week! There are only so many years left where the boys can trick or treat and really enjoy the holiday. I want to make the most of them!

MEAL PLANS (I’m doing it this week!!!)

Monday – Leftover soup from my mom with some fresh Costco bread

Tuesday – Chicken nuggets/freezer food/leftovers (because I’ll be at two yoga classes the entire evening)

Wednesday – Some sort of delicious marinated ahead of time chicken stir fry

Thursday – Hot dogs/sausages

Friday – Jalapeno popper pizza

Saturday (Halloween Party) – Pizza bread snake, baked brie, hot dog mummies

Have a great week!!

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