Saturday Reflections and Sunday Intentions (on Monday)

I’m so behind on my posts! I made the decision this last month to start writing more. I’ve set up a loose editorial calendar for myself on topics to write about, especially all my end of the month favorites and recommendations. I’m also trying to write a Saturday Reflections and Sunday Intentions post each weekend. The problem is that all of that coincided with my mother-in-law’s birthday and both of Caden’s birthday parties the last week of September. It was a crazy week! So I’m going to try and play catch up today and see how far I can get. I realize blog posts probably shouldn’t all be written and released on the same day! But this is an area of my life I truly love and I don’t want to fall so far behind on it.

Saturday Reflections

Last week was so busy! On Sunday I helped Greg start hanging the shelves I bought him for all their lego creations. We added shelves to the boys’ rooms, my sewing room, and the family room. It’s quite the labor intensive project, but I think totally worth it. We didn’t finish them up until Thursday night and from the looks of it, Greg is going to need more shelves if he ever gets another set that he wants to display!


On Monday I was running around all over the place, trying to get all the necessary grocery items for Caden’s birthday parties. I really didn’t want to have to make any unexpected trips later in the week. No time for mistakes!

Monday night I was madly sewing up these dolls for Cindy’s birthday, on Tuesday. I know, I know. I’m not normally so last minute about gifts. I knew I was going to make these and bought the fabric months ago. But the last few weeks were just so busy with Door County, feeling sick, Cranberry Fest, getting ready for Caden’s birthday and birthday treats for school. SO MUCH STUFF. I finished them up and wrapped them about three hours before we saw her on Tuesday. Close call. 😛


On Tuesday night we took Cindy to Mod Pizza for her birthday dinner. It was her first time there. Caden got his usual sub at Potbelly next door. Convenient location because now we can always go to Mod and he can’t complain!


We went back to our house for peanut butter bars and presents. It was a fun night and good to catch up with Cindy after her Scotland/Ireland trip.


Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were just full on party prep mode. There was a lot to do. I think I spaced it out pretty evenly, but it was still pretty exhausting spending so much time doing it all. I was feeling a bit resentful and burnt out and emotional by Thursday night. It seems so unfair that I can work SO HARD every day and not even make any money. I worked so hard and didn’t even do my JOB all week. It’s hopeless to think I’m ever going to get my act together with a proper work life balance. I seriously have no clue how working moms do it. If I worked outside of the house I think I’d literally die from daily brain explosions. 🙁


Friday was spent cleaning and setting up and finishing the baking for Caden’s friend party after school. It was quite the rowdy group of boys for the night! They all seemed to have a blast, though, and thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter theme.


On Saturday, we went to Waldvogel’s with Cindy, Melissa, and Andrew. I think this is the first time in like five years I was able to go with everybody for the first time of the season (they usually go when I’m at Saturday’s Cranberry Fest).


There were lots of new activities this year. It was pretty crowded, but there are so many things that you don’t really have to ever wait or realize just how many people are around you. I think the boys had fun! I’m looking forward to maybe doing some more low key fall activities in the next few weeks.


And Sunday was Caden’s family birthday party! More on that in a different post. 🙂

Sunday Intentions

One more week of crazy and then life will MAYBE settle down a bit! At least this week is pretty much all fun. It’s my birthday week and I have restaurant dates planned with different people on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I love that I won’t have to cook things for those meals!! It’ll be great fun and feel special since it’s kind of about me. 🙂

Today I’m hoping to just catch up on blog posts and basically relax after this past week. I also have like twenty tabs open on my browser of book and music articles I’ve been wanting to go through. I can finally let myself read them!

Tomorrow I’m contemplating getting back to work. Originally I wanted to take it easy this week, but I haven’t sewn anything for the shop in like three weeks. I’m anxious to start drumming up some new sales and that only happens if I put out new product. But I also feel like I’ve been living my life entirely for other people these past two weeks and I’m selfishly leaning toward just doing whatever I dang well please this week. I’ll get back to work hard core next week.

The boys also have dentist appointments on Tuesday afternoon and I’m going to my very first yoga class in the evening. I’m nervous! But I really hope I love it. I still dearly miss the cardio drum class I took last fall. It bums me out so much they don’t plan on coming back to Columbus. It would be so great if I could find another class that I like as much. Yoga feels promising, as long as I don’t get there and feel totally out of my league.

Wednesday and Thursday are pretty up in the air, with my planned dinner dates at night. Greg’s parents on Wednesday and a couple of my friends on Thursday. Of my four restaurant choices I’ve only decided on one that I actually am going to so far. It’s so much pressure to pick the perfect places! The problem is that I really like places that serve deliciously spicy chicken sandwiches. But I probably don’t want to eat chicken sandwiches four days in a row…

Friday I’m spending the day with my mom. Girl’s day! I probably want to hit up Ulta and Sephora and maybe World Market and Marshall’s. We’ll have lunch out somewhere on the west side. And get back in time to watch the Homecoming parade with the boys. And pizza for dinner.

And Saturday is my birthday! It’s weird having a weekend birthday and I wasn’t really sure what to do with it. I’m vaguely considering going to the farmer’s market, simply because I’m running out of days that it’ll still be there. But I also think going will make me too tired for the rest of the day, so I should probably stay home. We’ll hang out as a family in the morning, have lunch at home, and then go get pumpkins, my favorite birthday activity. And then the boys are going to Grandma’s for a sleepover and Greg and I will have a grand date in Madison. Details still to be determined! But we haven’t gone on a “real” date in a very, very long time. I’m excited about it. Even if I feel a little guilty ditching my kids for half of my birthday…

And that’s it! Still quite a bit going on. But it should be a really enjoyable week. I hope everyone stays healthy so we can fully enjoy it!

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