Saturday Reflections 10.28.2017

Well, this week turned out to be busier and more stressful than I was anticipating. Mostly because I spent all day every day working on those stupid pilgrims. I had multiple customers ask me for pilgrims, so I found a pattern and bought it. Never expecting they were going to be so annoying to work on. It was NOT a fun work week. But I survived.


On Sunday, we got together to celebrate Brittany’s birthday. Fall is pretty crazy with Caden’s birthday, mine exactly two weeks later, Brittany’s exactly two weeks after mine, and then Tyler’s about two weeks after hers. Lots of family time!


Hudson wasn’t feeling very good and slept most of the time we were there, but I still snuck in my selfie!


Happy 28th!


I made a flourless chocolate cake with salted butterscotch sauce, vanilla whipped cream, and candied pecans. So tasty.



Most of us carved pumpkins. Good fall family event! It was a pretty laid back day. Rainy and gross outside, so we all just chilled around the house and (some of us) watched football.


I spent Monday running errands all day. Tuesday I must have started working on the pilgrims. Wednesday was a late start and the day I had to make some things for the school bake sale. It was also the last relatively nice day before the weather took a terrible turn on Thursday. 🙁 The boys went to my mom’s house for Halloween crafts.


Thursday night was SpookFest for school. They don’t have costume days during school, so it’s always fun for them to dress up for something with their friends.


No dance this year, but they enjoyed decorating cookies, decorating slime, doing a science experiment, and eating some treats.


Friday was really cold! Both boys were going to the woods for field trips and had to wear full winter gear. I took Annie to the dog park each of the cold days and she absolutely loved it.


On Friday I finally finished sewing up the pilgrims and prairie dolls I worked on all week. I have never hated sewing anything as much as those pilgrims. Never again. Especially since it seems like people aren’t even interested in actually buying them! I had to price them pretty high because they were so big, used so much fabric, and took me so long to make.


I was actually pretty pleased with how they turned out in the end. This is the set I liked the most, and the only one that has sold.


Friday night I made pretzel crust pizzas. It doesn’t require that much more effort than regular crust and has the added benefit of needing to be individually sized, so we can each pick our own toppings. I made jalapeno popper for myself. Greg picked buffalo and Shepard wanted bbq.


It was a pretty nasty night, weather wise, but Shepard, Annie, and I bundled up and headed to the community bonfire for about twenty minutes. The fire was nice and warm! I was impressed at how well Annie did, even though there were quite a few other dogs there.


Today has been pretty lazy so far. The only thing I’ve managed to do was run to Pick n Save for a couple last minute food items. Shepard came with me because they were doing trick or treating in store for the kids. And in case it seems like I’m favoriting a child in these posts, just for the record – they are BOTH always asked to do things with me, and only one of them ever actually wants to go.

And now we’re just gearing up for our Halloween party and trick or treating. It’s pretty low key this year, I think only the grandmas and one grandpa are coming. I’m making a few spooky foods, but not going all out like most years. It’s bumming me out how awful the weather is. 35 degrees, windy, no sun. It’ll be even worse once it gets dark tonight. We really lucked out with how nice it turned out last year. I’m dreading spending hours walking around tonight.

More on how it goes later. Happy Halloween!

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