Saturday Reflections 10.21.2017


I feel like this past week we’ve finally started settling into the quieter routines of autumn, school, and regular life. It was the first week without a ton of extra stuff going on, which I thought would induce a little restorative peace into our lives. Somehow I think it all just made us a bit crankier and less tolerant of each other.

I feel like I did make some strides with my own emotional and mental wellbeing. Sunday was a pretty chilly day and I just plain wasn’t in the mood to work or clean or do laundry. So I lit a bunch of candles, made myself some tea, wore pajamas all day, covered myself in blankets, and just read. For hours. It was kind of amazing. I love all those cozy extras that make a house a home, but I rarely actually take advantage of them. I love having candles lit for ambiance and smell and seasonal cheer. But I almost never, ever light them. I decided it’s time to start! I think when our schedule allows this fall and winter, I’d like to try and make this a regular Sunday occurrence. For at least a couple of hours a day. Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest after all, right? There is zero reason for me to feel guilty about just snuggling in and reading by candlelight for a couple hours every week. It was relaxing and honestly just made me so happy.


I was so chilled out that I even felt like baking! Baking used to be such a massive part of my life. And since sewing aspirations came along, baking really fell to the wayside. I went from baking things almost daily, to only doing it perhaps twice a month. The decision was partly for actual health reasons. But still. It used to bring me joy, so when the moment hits these days I don’t want to waste it! Shepard and I made a huge double batch of apple cider donuts.

On Monday, there was no school for conferences. It wasn’t super exciting, but the boys and I went to Animart in Beaver Dam and then ran some errands. They liked playing with the puppies at the pet store and we picked out some new treats and toys for Annie. We had lunch out at Wendy’s and then relaxed in the afternoon before conferences.

Conferences went well. Shepard is doing great. Still no progress on the bathroom usage IN school, but his teacher said he’s not super squirmy or anything either (like he was last year). But academically and everything, he’s good. And Caden’s conference was student led with the teacher having nothing to do with it, so presumably he’s doing well too. It would be nice if she checked in, but I guess that’s not how they do it as they get older. Caden showed us what he’s working on in each subject and his goals for the future. It was interesting!


On Tuesday, I ended up chaperoning Shepard’s field trip to Olbrich Gardens. I’ve never chaperoned before and never planned to (that’s Greg domain), but his teacher asked me directly if I could do it the night before and I didn’t have a good enough excuse to say no. I was a little bit terrified, but it went well! My group of boys had no interest in staying with me, which was a little bit annoying. But we were mostly in a large group, so it was fine. It was fun to see what field trips are all about. And I was much more interested in going to Olbrich than some of the other places they go (children’s museum = nightmare).


On Tuesday afternoon, Shepard and I tried out a kid/parent yoga class. For some reason it’s supposed to be for ages 2-6, which is why Caden didn’t go. That night’s theme was superheroes. It was just us and my friend Laura and her family. Four little boys running around. There wasn’t a whole lot of actual yoga going on, but all the kids seemed to love it. We had to pay for the whole session, so I guess we’ll be going back the next few weeks!


They made capes. He was quite proud of his. I wish this sweet part of childhood could be bottled up forever. Shepard is just so enthusiastic and FUN. 🙂

I was SO tired that night and skipped the regular adult yoga. For the remaining three weeks I’m hoping to do both classes. But I don’t think I’ll go after the six week session is over. I’d rather drive twenty minutes and take the cardio drumming class. Or try and find a class I could take during the day, which would be way more convenient.


Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were mostly work days. Caden had therapy Thursday afternoon, so Shepard went with me to run errands after we dropped Caden off. He was so excited about it too. Maybe I need to take him out of the house more often! I’m just so used to Caden who never wants to go anywhere or do anything.


I had some custom orders I did on Wednesday, and on Thursday I started a new pilgrim pattern. I really didn’t want to do pilgrims, but so many people asked me for them. And this pattern was killing me. I could not figure out how to make the dresses. So I ended up just kind of winging something, though after I made the man’s clothes the dress instructions made more sense. At any rate, I’m still not positive these will even turn out. They’re going to be really big too, and sold as a set, so people might not be willing to purchase them in the end. But at least I made them! I’m getting antsy to start on Christmas dolls. The last few years I’ve had very little time for Christmas, but this year I think I can pull it off.


Saturday was a crazy busy day. I asked Caden to go to the farmer’s market with me because I have so much one on one time with Shepard (especially this week!), but almost none with him. He reluctantly agreed if I bought him beef sticks. We spent a ridiculous amount of time waiting for bagels at Gotham and then had a fun trek around the market. We bought cranberry walnut bread (my absolute favorite), five spicy beef sticks, chili vinaigrette, carrots, peppers, and two giant cookies. It was fun!

Both Friday and Saturday, I took Annie to a fall festival at the dog park. They had an agility course set up, along with some dog food vendors, and they were giving away free hot dogs. Friday was pretty boring, but there were all kinds of new dogs to play with on Saturday.


Saturday afternoon we babysat Hudson for the first time! It was Brittany’s birthday and they were going to a wedding, so we offered to babysit him during the ceremony. Caden fed him his first bottle of the day. Annie was very fascinated.


Selfie time. Shepard was making faces at him to get him to smile.


He’s getting a lot more vocal, which is adorable. They were having a baby talk conversation.


We walked to school. Shepard LOVED pushing the stroller. Annie was so confused about what was going on! I feel like we’re a circus act every time we go on a walk – even without a baby in a stroller! For a family that walks to and from school every single day, you’d think we would be better about staying on the sidewalk and not tripping over each other. Nope!


Watching Shepard on the swings.


Greg held Hudson during his nap and I made more apple cider donuts for Brittany’s birthday treat.


Annie was trying to hold Greg down during the next feeding.


Hudson changed into his wedding clothes and me wearing a new shirt because I got donut batter all over the last one. So…time for a new selfie! 🙂 He was picked up soon after. It was a lot of fun watching him! It’s so much fun watching babies get older and turn more into little humans.


Greg and the boys left right after to have dinner with his parents and I worked on Brittany’s birthday cake and sauce. Then I gave Annie a much needed bath, which was quite the workout!! After that I was pretty much done for. Busy, busy day!


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