Sunday Intentions

I’ve decided it’s about time I revert back to what this weekly post is supposed to be – my intentions for the week. Maybe I’ll have to introduce a new segment called Saturday Reflections or something, where I go over what I did the week before. Because I like writing about that a lot, but it really has nothing to do with the week ahead. I want to go back to Sunday posts being about looking forward instead of behind.

So! It’s a pretty busy week ahead. We are officially entering birthday season with Caden’s birthday on Saturday, my mother-in-law’s the following Tuesday, my brother-in-law’s that Friday, and then mine the next week. This is also the week of Cranberry Fest. It’s my favorite day of the entire year, but it’s such terrible timing! Most years his birthday happens right before or after, but last year and this year his birthday is on the actual day, so I can only go once. 🙁 Normally I like to go both Friday and Saturday. Oh well. Birthdays are important too! It just makes things a bit more tricky when I need to have a birthday treat for school ready on the day I’ll be gone, and have all his birthday stuff figured out and baked, knowing I won’t be home until very late and crazy exhausted the night before. Lots of planning and organizing involved to make it all run smoothly.

Top Priority – Birthday Week

That being said, this needs to be my top priority! I’m really not very on top of things this year. He wants a Harry Potter themed birthday. His parties are next weekend, but I still should really plan them out this week so I’m not running around wild in the final few days. This week – preferably today, though he’s not really on speaking terms with me at the moment – I need to nail down what he wants for a birthday breakfast, dinner, and dessert. We’ve only settled on going to Taco Bell for lunch so far. I also need to figure out his school snack. He requested dirt cake cups, but I’m not sure that’s logistically possible since they’ll need to be refrigerated. And I’m not so sure I trust him carrying those to school without a massive disaster. I could suggest he have it at his friend party instead, but that really has nothing to do with the Harry Potter theme… Anyway, I need to figure it all out! Asap. I also need to wrap his presents and make sure we’re squared away with everything.

Second Priority – Fall Decorations

It may not technically and officially be fall yet, but…it’s fall, people. Despite the 90+ degree day we had yesterday. Today the chill is back in the air. The tree in front of my house is completely orange and covering our driveway with leaves. It’s fall. And time to get out my decorations! I have more fall decor than any other season because it’s my favorite. It’s a little sad I haven’t gotten it out before now!

Third Priority – Keep Working!

I didn’t get a whole lot of work done last week with the whole Door County vacation and all. This week I need to finish the batch I’m currently working on and make a few more. It’d be nice to have all of those done by Wednesday. Improbable, but I’ll do my best.

I really do have the best of intentions for getting back to meal planning in these weekly posts. But my brain just can’t wrap around it right now. It’s been a rough weekend around here. Perhaps I’ll feel more optimistic later tonight and edit in some plans!

Happy fall!

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