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We’ve made it through the first (almost) full week of school! It was surprisingly easy to jump back into the routine this year. I never have a problem waking up early, but it’s nice to have more purpose to my mornings. When things like packing lunches and signing off on homework absolutely need to be done, procrastination cannot enter my mind. I love starting my day with a lot more focus and drive. Lazy summer or weekend mornings have their place, but I really like getting up and moving first thing in the day. It helps the rest of the day go so much more smoothly.

I think I was right in assuming this might be the best school year yet. Caden hasn’t had a single complaint! After school on Friday he told multiple people that the day was “AWESOME!” That kind of enthusiasm from him is extremely rare. Shepard seems to have eased right back into how he left off school last year. Very comfortable and a little bit naughty! He’s wracked up quite a few “take a breaks” during class this week. Not that I’m proud of that fact, but I am really happy he’s not the shy and terrified kid he was at the beginning of last year. He’s even gone to the bathroom in school (albeit after school) four of the first five days. First day with Greg inside with him. Second day with Caden. Third day with Caden in the hallway. Fourth day with Greg in the hallway. I think there’s maybe actually a really good chance that within a few weeks he’ll be going on his own. During the day. Okay, weeks might be pushing it. But THIS YEAR. Which will be so awesome.


To recap the week – on Monday, Memorial Day, we closed out the pool, which has been our yearly tradition since getting regular passes. It was pretty chilly, but the boys and Leverett still swam quite a bit and had two popsicle breaks.



Besides that, I spent most of the day finishing up all these teeny dolls. It was also the last day of Etsy’s first huge site wide sale and I celebrated having a record breaking number of dolls sold in such a short time frame. It was pretty awesome.

On Tuesday I got my haircut. I went back to Trends in Beaver Dam with a new girl and I really like how it turned out! I pretty much never like how my hair looks, but this was a nice cut. Afterward I ran a few errands and then rested in the afternoon. Before I knew it, it was time to get the boys. That’s the one major downfall of the school year. I feel time so differently. During summer, 2:00 still feels like early afternoon. During the school year, it’s basically like the day is over. Those seven hours without kids speed by WAY too quickly.


On Wednesday I had big plans to work all day and make myself a big pot of labor intensive, but oh so yummy, mango chicken curry. And then I realized I didn’t have any curry paste. And there isn’t a single store in Columbus that sells it. So I had to go all the way to Sun Prairie, and since I was already there, I ran more errands. Couldn’t waste the drive just on curry paste. But in the end, I was too tired and hungry to make the curry that day anyway.


We had an at home date night on Wednesday and I made monstrously sized calzones. I think one of the best parts of fall is that I suddenly care about cooking again.


Thursday must have been uneventful, I remember nothing. And Friday was an exciting day. Caden’s class had their first trip to the community garden! It sounds like they go once a week during harvest and planting times. This time he was assigned to picking tomatoes. Then in the afternoon we went to Noe’s because both of my sisters-in-law were visiting. We all spent a long time out in their garden picking raspberries and more tomatoes. It was a fun little family get together around a big taco fiesta. Despite being the end of the week, everyone was in very good spirits.


Caden opened some early birthday presents from Aunt Sarah.


And birthday cupcakes for Cindy and Caden. Shepard was very jealous of Caden’s new light up Harry Potter wand.


Saturday was a big day! Caden and Greg and the rest of his family went to the Badger game (Caden’s first). So Shepard and I had an all day date. We started by getting to the farmer’s market right at 7. He was in a great mood and we had a ton of fun looking at all the booths. He gets so into finding the samples, though he doesn’t understand yet what a “sample” of something actually means. He couldn’t make up his mind on what to get for breakfast, so on our second time around he finally settled on a giant apple fritter. At first he liked it, and then decided it was too appley. So I ate the other half.


Then we waited in a huge and crazy slow line at Gotham Bagels. I needed my fix. Afterward we went to Barnes and Noble because Shepard wanted to look at Lego Ninjago books. Instead he found a Hermione light up wand and we negotiated each of us paying for half. I knew it’d save a whole lot of fights in the coming weeks over Caden’s wand. Next, we went to Hobby Lobby to try and find some things for Caden’s birthday parties and Target for a couple things we needed. Then back home for about a twenty minute break before heading back out to the library’s Fall Festival. Our main goal was getting hot dogs at the brat fry for lunch. Except they didn’t have hot dogs. 🙁 So after a walk through the vendors and crafts, checking out the book sale again, and getting a balloon sword, we headed back home for sandwiches. And soon headed out again with Annie for the dog park. Half hour there, back home for a short reprieve, and then back to Beaver Dam for another family night. It was a super busy day. But Shepard was so great during all of it! He’s such a joy to be around when he’s not overly tired and whiny.


Our haul from the market. Lots of produce this time! I feel like in the spring markets I just buy pastries and cheeses. I love the fall ones so much more. Lots of color and variety!


Everyone was pretty tired after our respective eventful days, so it was a lazy evening. But we managed to get one Badger family picture before the night was out.

Overall, it was a pretty fun week as a family. But personally? I definitely struggled getting back in my own swing of things. It’s so hard to focus and stay on task when I’m also joyously reveling in having the house to myself. I actually spent most of the week out and about running errands. I’m hoping in the weeks that come I can start streamlining that better into a once a week thing. Though the next few weeks are super busy, so it might be tough. I also still really struggle with hitting a wall around noon every day. If I’m not absolutely loving whatever task I’m doing, I need to break for a nap. Or at least some reading time. I hate that I need this so often, but I also can’t really seem to survive without it. Especially since every day this week I woke up around 4am. 😛


It’s an odd week ahead! But also very exciting!! 🙂 On Wednesday, as early as I can get out the door, I’m heading to Door County for my solo vacation!!! I can’t wait. Though I’m also a little bit sad because I feel like I’ll miss out on something important happening at home. But seriously, I need this. After summer, I desperately need to get away from everything and regroup. I’m really just looking forward to nobody NEEDING anything from me for three whole days. No kids whining about being hungry and not knowing what to do with themselves, no family to cook for, no pets that never leave me alone anymore since they started getting fed soft food again, no Annie that needs to be taken outside ten times a day and thorough exercising every single day or she becomes a hyper maniac. It’s only three days away. Which might not be enough to really rejuvenate. But it’s a start! And it’ll be awesome.

I don’t have any major plans for that trip, other than to just enjoy myself! I’ve been saving up my sewing money from the last month so I can go to all the fun Door County shops. I think the last two or three times I was there was with kids. And kids (and husbands) don’t cooperate with going to all kinds of unique shopping destinations. So I’m really looking forward to that. I’m also bringing a stack of books that I’ve most been looking forward to reading, but never can find the time. I’m hoping to get a lot of hotel time to just relax and read. It’s a really nice hotel too, so I’ll get a great breakfast and free appetizers in the afternoons. I also have a couple of good restaurants scouted out for lunches and carry out dinners I can eat while I read. If the weather’s nice I’d like to visit a few of the more scenic parts of Door County too. I’m sure the time will just fly by, but it’ll be so great.

But before Wednesday comes along, I still need to get everything prepped and ready on Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully finish up some dolls tonight and get them listed right away tomorrow morning. Pick up a few more groceries for easy meals Greg can make while I’m gone. Write a list of all the school related things that he’s not accustomed to doing. Do a little more research so I don’t miss out on the best shops and places to go. And pack! It’ll be a really busy two days.

So with all that in mind, my only priority for the week is to have fun! Relax! Enjoy myself! And DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. About anything. I need this, I deserve this. And it’ll be fantastic!


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