Caden’s 9th Birthday


Yesterday was Caden’s 9th birthday. How do we already have a nine year old?! I feel like he’s been in our lives forever, and yet it flew by in the blink of an eye. He’s definitely growing up! One last year in the single digits.

20170923_070356 breakfast

We started the day eating Dunkin’ Donuts, which they picked out the night before after seeing the Ninjago Lego movie with Greg.

IMG_3028 presents

Once everyone was awake we moved on to presents!

IMG_3040 quiddich

Shepard was suffering from some severe jealousy. I don’t even want to think about how bad it might be next weekend when Caden has his birthday parties. He does NOT like the attention being solely on Caden.

IMG_3046 mario game

We gave him the newest Mario game, which he was very excited about.

IMG_3055 minecraft legos

And a big Minecraft Lego set.

IMG_3061 geodes

Shepard gave Caden some geodes. Mostly because he wanted geodes for himself and hoped/expected Caden to share.

IMG_3071 whoopie cushion

And a giant whoopie cushion. Along with a few books, a bathrobe, Harry Potter Clue, a collectable quidditch set, and a golden snitch keychain.


After presents, the guys immediately had to try out the new Mario game. And basically played that the entire day. I was kind of disappointed we couldn’t think of anything more exciting to do at least part of the day. But it was 95 degrees with horrible humidity again and nobody wanted to be outside. I also relapsed with the queasiness I had earlier in the week and just plain didn’t have energy for anything beyond making him food. So it was a quiet day, mostly at home, playing video games. Which is pretty much Caden’s ideal day. We did go out for a little bit to get lunch at Taco Bell and pick some raspberries at Grandma’s house.

IMG_3078 hammer

Working on smashing up some geodes.

IMG_3079 caden's geodes

IMG_3080 hammer

IMG_3082 shepard geode

IMG_3072 dinner

Caden requested “noodles” for his birthday dinner. Maybe someday my kids will mix their noodles with their sauce.

IMG_3086 annies half birthday

Yesterday was also Annie’s half birthday. She was found as a stray on March 23rd, so that’s the date the humane society listed as her birthday. They said she was 3 and our vet thought she was closer to 1 or 2, so we’re saying that she’s now 2.5.

IMG_3093 birthday boy

I’m glad he picked such easy meals and desserts because I was so worn out from Cranberry Fest and not feeling great. Cookie dough ice cream was pretty easy on me! Though I did make extra cookie dough and butterscotch sauce for topping.

IMG_3095 dessert

IMG_3111 candle blow

I think nine will be a good year for him! He seems to really like school again now that he’s in third grade. They do so many fun things! He has a lot of deep interest in coding, gardening, and basically anything techy. He loves to read, which makes me so happy. And he of course loves video games.

20170923_192330 brushing annie

He also loves our animals! He’s the only one Annie will let brush her. He’s Jack’s favorite human and they cuddle in bed every night while he reads.


Annie chewing on her new nine braided bully stick.

And that was the day! Not particularly exciting, but it’s what made him happy. He ended the night by sleeping on the futon. I’m not sure why he gets so excited about that, but apparently it feels extra special. I think overall he had a pretty great day!

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