Sunday Intentions


Well, it’s been another fairly busy and emotional rollercoaster of a week. But I went into that in my last post, so I’ll try to keep this one a little more upbeat and succinct!

Monday was our busiest day. I got it into my head that I really wanted to go to this thrift store that I love in Horicon. I haven’t been there since late last fall. It’s just a very well organized store that never disappoints me in the craft department. As you can see above, I went a little crazy picking out buttons! It probably would have been cheaper to just buy more vintage bulk packs on etsy, but the thrill of the hunt – in person – is always so exciting. 🙂 After that we needed to get some stuff at Walmart and finished our errands with a late lunch at Taco Bell – Caden’s favorite. Though Shepard who supposedly hates tacos, really scarfed a couple down that day. Even made me go back up to order him another one.


As I mentioned in last Sunday’s post, I was eager to have some sort of day trip or excitement this week. I was mulling over it all night and decided that camping was probably what would make the boys happiest. So in between our running around, I also learned how to use the lawn mower and mowed most of the backyard. Then dug out the tent that’s been buried in the basement since Caden got it from Santa last Christmas.


Actually putting the tent up was a challenge!! We couldn’t figure it out. And it was SO HOT out. Greg got home and sat down to laugh at us for a few minutes and then helped out. In retrospect, it was very easy to put up, we just needed two tall people. And we didn’t attempt to get the top cover on.


To try and get the full experience, we decided to cook dinner over the fire. Which seriously, is just so much more trouble than it’s worth! This is only the second time we’ve used this fire pit and definitely don’t have a stash of wood hiding around like so many people do. So we were pulling apart AAA books and throwing in dead leaves, trying to get it started. I was trying to gather everything up for a meal, balancing it all on plastic chairs, while we tried to cook hot dogs and brats on sticks. I successfully made mine, but everybody else had to go in for the microwave. We didn’t manage to eat anything other than the meat. So much work! So exhausting! So HOT!


S’mores for dessert, of course. The boys were having a great time, so that’s all that matters. I think this will definitely be a once a summer activity, though. I’d love to be the kind of people that sit out at their fire every weekend with friends, but I just don’t think we ever will be.


While I was really hoping to just hang out in the tent and outside all evening, pretending we were actually camping, we were all just so hot and tired. Everyone was pretty cranky. I was feeling pretty discouraged. I wanted to make this special night awesome, but it was so draining! I had such high hopes of going on all these campouts every summer with the boys, but I just don’t think I can handle it on my own. Plus we’d have to bring Annie because Greg is not her caretaker. That would bring a whole other level of exhaustion. If I can’t even handle it in our own backyard, I don’t think I could survive a campground. 🙁


Going to bed outside when it’s still light out was a little too much fun!


Shepard fell asleep pretty quickly. Caden and I were reading late into the night. They seemed to sleep well. I slept terribly! Our yard is so bumpy and uneven. My back still hurts! I will never, ever camp again unless I have an air mattress. OUCH.


Tuesday we recovered! And went to the dog park. This is Annie’s best friend Lupin. He’s there at least half the times we go and they always have so much fun playing together.

I had obedience class again that night. I was so tired and soooo sore and it was the last place in the world I wanted to be. It’s an hour class, but everyone gets there at least ten minutes early and this week we were still in class twenty minutes late, so it makes for a pretty long night. Annie continues to do pretty well at the exercises, but is antsy and anxious when we’re just sitting around. My only comfort is that we all seem to be in the same boat. Nobody is really having fun. It’s pretty stressful and a lot of work.

On Wednesday, my mom took the boys for the day, which was awesome. I got some work done, but also just relaxed a little bit. I desperately needed that break. Summer mothering is wearing on me.

Wednesday night, we went to a “dog parade.” I’m not sure why it’s called that because really it was just a silly competition for dogs to enter. I met my mom, boys, Steve and Cindy, at the park with Annie. I entered in the competitions for fastest tail wagging and best smile. She didn’t win, but it was a really fun night just to hang out with other dog lovers. You learn so much when you start talking to other people with dogs. Plus it’s just fun for Annie!


Thursday I was determined to make more of an effort for our at home date night. So I made my all time favorite recipe of Korean Fried Chicken Tacos. I love the sauce on these babies soooooooo much.

Friday I worked. And Greg worked out of the house! Amazing! It was easier on all of us, I think.


Saturday morning, Shepard and I got up early to go to the Farmer’s Market in Madison. It was his first time. Last year Caden came a couple of times because he liked playing Pokemon Go in a new location. This year I keep asking him and he keeps saying no, so I gave the chance to Shepard, even though I don’t feel the lack of bonding with him the way I do Caden. He seemed to have a good time! He’s always open to new opportunities and loves learning about the things I enjoy. And just like me, he was most interested in looking at all the breads, pastries, and cheeses! We each had morning buns for our breakfast. Yummy.


We went to Trader Joe’s afterward, on a whim. I love searching around there. Shepard was just happy to have a kid cart! I wish all stores had kid carts. I would make my summer shopping experiences SO much easier.


Shepard picked out the corn, garlic, and garlic cheese spread. I love that smoked cheese spread. Carrots for everyone. Five spicy and jalapeno beef sticks for Caden. Those things are so dang expensive, but he LOVES them. I didn’t really need much this week, I just love the chance to get out of the house and do something fun like that.

And the rest of the weekend has been pretty uneventful! Lots of sewing for me. Lots of video games and playing outside and boy things for everyone else.

This Week

Summer is wearing down! Less than four weeks to go. And our schedule really picks up these next two weeks. Starting with the State Fair tomorrow! Always my favorite day of summer! The weather is looking a little iffy in terms of potential rain and storms. But if the rain doesn’t hit, it’s going to be a much cooler day! I always hate those miserably hot days in the packed crowds, so it’s a relief to have better weather this year. All four of us are going this year with my parents, brother (s?) and sister-in-law, and baby Hudson’s first trip! It should be a lot of fun! Eating delicious and super indulgent foods is always my favorite part of the trip. I can’t wait!

We’ll probably take it easy on Tuesday. We always need recovery days or the boys lose it.

I’d like to squeeze another day trip into Wednesday. Not sure what we’ll do yet. Maybe Eugster’s Farm or the zoo. We’ll see what we’re feeling.

Thursday I have a friend dinner. Friday Greg has to work in Chicago, so we’re on our own day and night. And the weekend is thus far open. So I guess it’s not the busiest of weeks, but I want to make sure we take full advantage of it.

Top Priority

Kids first, work second. I’m still really feeling the pressure to sew as much as possible. But if an opportunity comes up to do something with my children, I want to take it. I want to put them first in these last few weeks together. It’s hard because August is one of the quietest months of the year, and I really feel the need to sew when I can. But…they’re more important. So that is my goal and what I hope to live by, at least these next few weeks.

Hope everybody has an awesome week!




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