Sunday Intentions

Well, it’s been a fairly uneventful week. Typical summer week – finally!

We went school shopping on Monday. How is it already time for that?! The boys still need backpacks, but I think they’re otherwise set. Running all our errands together was a huge exercise in patience and not totally losing my mind. Definitely need to stick to night and weekend grocery trips the rest of summer. What a headache!

I have no recollection of what we did on Tuesday and Wednesday! Other than obedience class. Which was pretty stressful again. Annie was so hyped up, despite my attempts to wear her out earlier in the day. Her need for exercise – usually as soon as absolutely possible in the mornings – is becoming more apparent than ever. Which I guess is good motivation for me. But also really annoying on days when I just don’t feel like it, have kids that don’t feel like it, or I’m too busy with something else. But…life of a dog owner. Gotta deal.

(Edit – We had friends over on Wednesday morning! So we did do something noteworthy. It was great to catch up with Michelle, even though the four kids (and Annie!) were making our get together very chaotic and loud!)


Thursday afternoon we had a late lunch at Mullin’s. It was our first time there this summer. I keep meaning to walk there some afternoon as a treat, but it’s always too hot or I know it’ll mess with the evening’s dinner or plans. We finally had to just go. It was fun!


Thursday night was another at home date night. And another pretty lame one. I wish Columbus had more restaurant options so we could actually go out more. It’s so much more fun and has so fewer distractions from spending time together.


Friday morning I finished up another batch of dolls. I love the pink doll in this set! One of my all time favorites. And still available! I don’t know what’s going on with sales this summer. My inventory is at an all time high right now. It feels good to finally feel stocked, but sucks because that means nobody is buying anything! I guess it’s time to start on fall and Halloween dolls. I think that’s what everyone is waiting for. I’m not ready!

Greg was working from home again on Friday. Why?? Fridays are just the worst. Two parents trying to work from home with kids who think they need to be entertained and catered to and conversed with every minute of every day. Yes, only one of us is working to provide the income for all of our living expenses. But…I have work to do too. So. Once I finally got my work done around lunch, I had to keep the boys busy. We went to the pool and had quiet time in our rooms.


Caden and I were up early on Saturday morning so I once again asked him to go to the farmer’s market with me and he once again said no. He went with me once or twice last summer and loved it. This year he just says no to everything I EVER ask him to do with me. I didn’t end up going at all. Instead I rewarded myself with a day off from sewing. I took Annie for a really long walk, took a morning nap, and did a lot of reading. The afternoon was spent baking! It was really fun to do something that I used to love so much and put very little time into anymore. I made this pie, which was super delish. And I normally hate cherry pies.


I also made this salted caramel chocolate tart. The nighttime lighting in my kitchen is definitely not ideal for pretty food pictures!


Today we had another get together with one of Greg’s branches of family. The kids were having a great time playing on the slip ‘n slide and with water in the sandbox.


Pie selfie. I had to keep stopping Greg from breaking off the crust to taste it – before anyone even saw it! I’ve never seen him so eager to eat one of my desserts before.


We were partially celebrating Bob’s 75th birthday.


It was another sun blasting hot day. There was one small bit of shade and the boys and Melody were having a great time playing in it. Greg sent me the picture where I was sitting inside, as I try to do as often as possible on sun blasting hot days!


And one quick attempt to get all four of them together in one picture before they left. Not bad! It was a really fun get together. They always are!

The Week Ahead

I’m feeling a little fuzzy about how to spend this week. It’s just about August, you guys. School starts in one month and two days. I always try to fit in all these awesome day trips and we haven’t done anything yet. I also really wanted to go camping and that’s feeling less likely by the day. Even in the yard. I’m feeling so conflicted about doing too much after we just spent two months doing too much. But I don’t want to waste these final weeks of summer either. I still need to work a bit each day. We still need a lot of down time. But I want to have FUN too. I’m thinking tomorrow is probably the best overall day for a day trip, but I haven’t planned anything out yet. Zoo? Devil’s Lake? Eugster’s Farm? I don’t know.

Wednesday the boys are going to my mom’s for the day. I SHOULD spend the day getting as much work done as possible. But since this is also my first weekday without them all summer, I feel like I should celebrate or something. I’m getting itchy to do some thrift store shopping. Hit up all the Goodwills and such around the area. Though I suppose that’s also something I could technically do with the boys. They respond better to stores like that than grocery shopping. They (mostly Caden) HATE grocery shopping. Wednesday night there’s supposed to be a dog parade we’re going to participate in. As of now it’s supposed to storm that day, so who knows what will happen. But it sounds like fun!

And that’s all that’s on the calendar! The following two weeks of August are getting pretty booked up again, so this might be my best chance to do something fun and special. Must take advantage!

I think this is the second, third, or fourth Sunday Intentions I’m not writing out a meal plan. My brain just can’t handle it this summer. I’ve been taking it day by day. Which is not smart, but…it’s all I can manage. So whatever. It works! Most of the time. 🙂

Happy August!

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