Sunday Intentions

Another week has flown by. I’m starting to feel a little weary about it all. It’s not like we haven’t been busy doing a lot of fun things. But we’ve been just plain too busy. Summer is officially half over. And in many ways it still feels like it’s barely begun. Summer around here is supposed to be a lot of boredom, long days, pool trips, and a few sprinklings of exciting day trips that I fully plan out in advance. We’ve had maybe two full days of that this entire summer so far. There’s always been something we need to do. And it’s kind of making me sad. The last few years at the beginning of summer the boys and I make a list of things we want to do over the next three months. We never made that list and I don’t want to do it now because I feel like it’ll be impossible to fit anything else in. The boys got a big tent for Christmas with the assumption we’d go on at least a couple of camping trips this summer. Now I think we’ll be lucky to even set it up in our yard once! We’ve had so many outings and commitments already, I don’t feel like planning anything else. It bums me out a little.

Anyway, recap time. I’m pretty sure Monday was a catch up day for everything I didn’t get to the week before. Tuesday I had my first obedience class with Annie. It was stressful. I don’t like being put on the spot in front of strangers, I don’t like being reprimanded for things I’m doing wrong with her, especially in front of other people, and I definitely don’t like standing in front of a big group of people doing dog exercises that Annie may or may not cooperate with. Yes, we’re all in the same boat and probably all feel mostly the same way. But I wasn’t really expecting the class format to be that way. I thought we’d all work with our own dogs simultaneously. That feels a lot more efficient. That first class felt very overwhelming. These next seven weeks of training are going to be a lot of work. But hopefully worth it in the end. I’d say it’s probably already worth it because the instructor at the free class (same lady for both) told me about “pinch collars.” While they look horrendous, they’re the only thing that has actually kept Annie from pulling when we go on walks. It’s pretty much the magic fix. She walks so well that I only need to loop the end of the leash around my wrist instead of my hand because she never, ever pulls when it’s on her. Incredible.

On Wednesday afternoon we met Greg at the theater and saw Spider-Man: Homecoming. It was good! I like that more often these days all four of us can go to movies together. While not entirely appropriate for their age, they’ve already seen all the other Marvel movies at home, so it seems okay to take them to the theater when new ones come out. I love going to the theater, so it’s really a treat now that can all go together without the hassle of burdening someone else with babysitting.

Thursday I had a night out with my friend Laura. It was friend time I most definitely needed! We went to Mod Pizza and sat and talked for a long time. I wish I could see my friends more often. You’d think in summer it would be easier, but we’re all so busy in our own worlds. Or maybe that’s just me and everyone else is still seeing each other!

Friday was a long and stressful day of Greg working at home, but being super frustrated that we were all around. I had a ton of stuff to do and couldn’t afford to take the boys out of the house for more than a long walk with Annie. I’m definitely not looking forward to the rest of summer’s Fridays being a repeat of this last Friday. At night the boys went to Grandma’s for a sleepover and we had a date night at Chili’s. It was nice to have an evening together.

Saturday I went to the farmer’s market early in the morning, picked up some groceries, worked in the kitchen until it was time to take Shepard to a birthday party, stayed at the party, madly worked in the kitchen again until Steve, Cindy, and Melissa came over for a pizza party. I made spinach strawberry salad, two kinds of pizza, and three kinds of homemade ice cream. It was a fun night!

And finally today, we’re getting ready to head out to see Trolls for its replay in the theater for their summer kids series. And later today we’re going to the Mallard’s game with my parents. Busy busy! Lots of night stuff. We’re really not used to being so busy at night. But this has been week three of something going on basically every single night.

The Week Ahead

Once again, the week ahead is looking pretty busy. Not AS busy, but still busy. We have three not so fun appointments later in the week, but since we’ll already be out of town I’m hoping to add in a few fun stops for the boys. New parks or picnics or restaurants. We’ll see. The beginning of the week is a little quieter.

Top Goal: WORK

I am so, so behind with sewing. I haven’t had a sale in weeks. I mean, I’ve been busy! I’m also a full time stay at home mom in summer and realize I need to cut myself some slack. It’s definitely not like I’ve been sitting around doing nothing. There’s ALWAYS something to do. But work has once again fallen to the wayside. I’d like to at least make some strides in making up for lost time this week. It’s so hard reaching the balance I want with this. I need to do better.

Well, that’s about it. I’m feeling too lazy to add pictures to the post this week. Hope your week ahead is great!

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