Sunday Intentions

Well, guys – I SURVIVED THE WEEK! I survived the last two weeks! It’s been a lot of hard work and very little fun. Stressful days, not enough sleep, and a lot of ridiculously simple meals. But I made it!

Unfortunately, I’m feeling like it wasn’t worth the time and energy and stress I put into it. The garage sale was kind of a bust. I assumed holding one during the city wide sale was the best time to do it. But maybe because Columbus is competing with all the other nearby cities that also do citywide sales this weekend, we ended up screwing ourselves over. Which is really disappointing. Timing, location, weather, everything seemed perfect. But hardly anybody came. 🙁 I was alone most of Thursday and Friday and it was SO boring. I was trying to read to the fill the time, but was also constantly wondering when people would start showing up. I didn’t feel like I could ever leave my spot just in case someone wandered in! It wasn’t fun. Not really at all.

Anyway, we made a little money, but not nearly as much as the last few years. We got rid of some stuff, but still have so much left. I wanted this to be the last sale ever, but we decided to pack up and try one last time later this summer. That way I’ll have more time to go through toys, board games, and a few remaining boxes in the basement to truly clear out everything we don’t need. I’m pretty bummed out it didn’t work the way I had hoped this time around. I’m also upset thinking about how many dolls I could have made in the last two weeks instead of all this garage sale work! So much wasted time. So much unnecessary stress.

I guess the upside is that I’m much more ready for a sale in a few months. And now it’s time for the fun half of May! Greg’s birthday tomorrow (I’m doing this post before Sunday, technically.)! Our anniversary weekend trip in two weeks. The last few weeks of school. Lots going on, but none of it should be very stressful.


My goal for this week is to just CHILL OUT. I’ve been so stressed out lately and really want to take a week, or at least a couple of days, to just focus on recharging. A lot of reading. Maybe a lot of tv watching. Whatever I feel like. I need it, desperately. Especially as summer is so quickly approaching and my alone time is suddenly going to completely disappear. I want to take full advantage of the three weeks I have left of being alone during the day. I have a feeling those first few weeks of summer might really mess up my mental state.

But before I can get to relaxing, I need to clean the house. For real. It has been sorely neglected lately! There is so much clutter to put away, super messy bedrooms, and things like floors that REALLY need to be mopped. I’m hoping for a power cleaning session on Monday morning and then maybe I can relax!

I also want to start taking long walks again. I figured I’d be walking miles and miles a day again once we got Annie. It hasn’t happened. I’ve been taking the easy way out for exercise on her end by just going to the dog park. But I want to start focusing on MY exercise too, and walking a lot more than we have been. I want to start working on a few training things with Annie too. She’s a great dog, but more often than not she just feels like a third child that I have so little control over. I need to figure out how to give her a chill pill so she’s not attacking every person she sees with excitement.

And eventually, maybe later in the week, I want to get back to work!! I miss sewing! I miss being creative. I should probably start on patriotic dolls asap, but I’d also really like to maybe try out my own patterns or do something really different with my dolls. We’ll see. I miss it. But I know if I jump right into it again on Monday, I’ll never get that recharge time I know I need the most.

I don’t have any meal plans figured out yet, but I am hoping to really start trying harder! I’ve really taken the easy route lately with leftovers, frozen meals, eating out. I’d like to challenge myself to try a little harder, especially with finding more unique ways to add in and prepare vegetables. I’m terrible with that.

Well, that’s it for the week! Now I need to get some sleep so I can fully be ready for Greg’s birthday tomorrow! Happy Mother’s Day to everyone else!


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