Mother’s Day 2017


To preface this post so you guys don’t all think I’m stupid – I’m well aware that Mother’s Day is actually this coming Sunday. šŸ™‚ But we celebrated yesterday because Greg’s birthday is next Sunday. I think this is the first time they’ve fallen on the same day since we’ve had kids. I really didn’t want to share MY special day with his birthday. And it seems extremely unfair that he’d have to share his birthday, an extra special day, with everyone else. So! For the most part, except for his mom’s Mother’s Day party we’ll be stopping in at, May 14th is just Greg’s birthday. And yesterday was Mother’s Day. šŸ™‚

My Mother’s Day started when I woke up around 5:30am. I would have liked to have just laid in bed reading for awhile, but that’s no longer an option for me as I have a dog waiting downstairs who always needs to go out first thing in the morning. And I can’t just let her out and go back to bed because she’d know I was awake and make a bunch of noise when I locked her back on the opposite side of the house. And if I let her go upstairs with me, her clangy collar tags would wake everyone else up. So instead I spent a little time reading on the futon. Shepard joined me soon after. Caden woke up and yelled at me awhile for not letting him play video games. After a very rough night on Friday Greg told me I wasn’t allowed to let them play anymore. So I was following that message and Caden wasn’t happy. Anyway, Greg eventually got up and gave me “breakfast in bed” – one of my morning buns. Shepard and Annie were very anxious to share with me!


After breakfast they gave me my presents. Caden gave me a set of bath bombs. I’m trying to get into the occasional habit of taking a bath to unwind at the end of the week. And bath bombs make everything more fun! Shepard gave me a necklace with a super tiny little “dot” charm. It’s cute. Good for layering, which I’m pretty into lately. And Greg gave me a pack of my favorite lip balm in a flavor I don’t have yet.


Annie was trying very hard to eat my lip balms.


Greg started messing with my phone and trying out the filters we could use on selfie mode. I saw they were there when I got the phone a few weeks ago, but never tried them. It was pretty fun! We spent like an hour doing selfies. Which I will now bombard you with!







This is my favorite!




I would very much like my face to be filtered this soft glowing pink at all times. šŸ™‚



And as much as the filters made my kids laugh, it’s still nice to try and get a real picture! Not as amusing, but still sweet.


At this point we remembered the gift Shepard brought home awhile ago and was saving for Mother’s Day. Very cute! I’m using the bigger bowl for some lipsticks and the small bowls for earrings. Shepard thought I could use them for soup!

IMG_1763 mom and boys

After a little play time and me getting ready, we had our annual Mother’s Day photo shoot. We usually go to a park, but figured standing in front of the house was good enough this year.

IMG_1764 amy and boys best one

Normally the boys would also dress up. But they have VERY definite ideas of what things they’ll cooperate with each day and dressing nicely was not going to happen yesterday. It was also like 50 degrees at this point. But Caden insisted on the tank top and shorts.

IMG_1770 caden being weird

IMG_1772 still trying for smiles

IMG_1774 mom and boys

IMG_1780 kitchen workers

Next we headed over to my mom’s house for the main part of our day. The men were in charge of getting lunch on the table. I wish I took a video of Greg and Timmy taking the rolls out of the oven one by one with their bare hands, instead of like pulling the whole tray out? Using a spatula? It was hilarious. Then they needed to double team the mushroom pouring.

IMG_1781 master griller

The grill master. My dad made steak for my mom and a spicy chicken for me.

IMG_1782 hydrangea

The hydrangea made it. It was too tall for the trunk. And then we could barely get it in the car on my lap.

IMG_1783 boys and pip

Hanging out with the dogs. I love how easy going Annie is, but now the boys think all dogs are as gentle and carefree in personality.

IMG_1789 juno

Juno and the pretty tulips.


I’m always amazed that on days like this Greg seems to always anticipate what I’m going to wear and picks out a shirt that matches exactly. It’s never planned and it always happens. So I wanted to get a selfie of us and Caden photobombed.


Caden and Greg trying to hold Shepard up so he could be in it too, without me dropping my phone.

IMG_1791 food

Lunch time! I brought over all my leftover dips, pretzels, and veggies from the baby shower. My mom made another batch of her amazing Chinese salad. Then we had the meats, baked potatoes, fruit, buns, and green beans. I forgot to take a picture, but we had ice cream sundaes for dessert.

After lunch my cousin Jenny and her two boys came over for awhile to give Brittany her gift. It was fun to catch up with her and the boys loved having more boys to play with.

IMG_1792 grandma shepard

Present time!

IMG_1796 poor gracie

Poor Gracie!

IMG_1817 the bib apron

My mom opened this and Shepard yelled, “A bib!!”

IMG_1821 pip sleeping

Pip doesn’t realize who she’s cuddling up with.

IMG_1822 really good mom and kids pic

Family picture time. Mom and kids. I like this one!

IMG_1828 mom and kids

IMG_1837 mom kids grandkids

When I want the boys in a picture, they refuse to cooperate. When I specifically tell them not to be in the picture, they sneak their way in. I like Gracie lurking in the background.

IMG_1839 juno so confused

Poor Juno is so confused why we’re all standing there.

IMG_1841 the moms

A mom picture. Brittany was trying to hunch down because she was wearing mega heels and towered so high above us short people.

IMG_1845 the mom picture

The moms.

IMG_1849 grandma and her dogs

Typical scene.

IMG_1854 mom and tyler

Mom and Tyler.

IMG_1860 matching tyler caden

Uncle Tyler and Caden. I was amazed that they were wearing the exact same shade of shirt.

IMG_1866 gracie lounging

Gracie contemplating life. Or just wondering why so many people kept standing around.

IMG_1869 family juno butt

And finally some attempts at a full family picture. We’ll have to do another one later this summer with the baby!

IMG_1888 family nice

IMG_1891 timmy weird

IMG_1892 baby kiss

IMG_1893 thumbs

IMG_1896 family picture nice

It was a really fun get together! If the weather had been just a bit warmer it would have been perfect.

The rest of the day was pretty laid back. We took Annie to the dog park since she’d been cooped up for awhile. It was Greg’s first time there. Despite our attempts, he’s still not very amused or entertained by dog antics. But Annie had fun! Then we just went home, I did some planting, I got teacher gifts put together for the week, I wrote a blog post about Saturday. We all just had random leftovers for dinner. I took a bath with one of my bath bombs. And that was it! Overall, it was a nice day.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone else, in a few days!

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