Lately I find myself constantly thinking about priorities. A hundred times a day, whenever there’s a lull in what I’m working on, I remind myself to focus on my priorities. My highest priority might not be what’s technically most important on my to do list. Instead it’s what I know I need to do next to better fulfill my life on this particular day in this particular moment. It’s about spending my time and energy on what will make me happiest, what will give me the greatest amount of satisfaction at the end of the day. In the mornings, my priority is my children. And then it’s usual work or laundry. I often have to make meals a priority, otherwise I’ll just snack on junk all day. In the afternoons I usually make taking a short reading break and nap a priority because I know it’s the only way I’m going to get through the rest of the day. After school, priorities switch back to the boys and pets. Dinner needs to be a priority. Evenings are often about work again. And at some point each night it’s time to switch my mindset back to making Greg and our time together a priority as well.

I’m really loving this mindset because it’s better allowing me to live a life without regret. Am I getting more done each day? Not really. Am I still wishing I could do more? Absolutely. But I no longer regret the things I didn’t get to because I know I fully spent my time the way I needed to on that day.

I know it sounds so simple and most people are probably evaluating their own priorities with every decision they take as well. But I’m finding that making an absolute conscious decision, asking myself over and over again, “What is my highest priority right now?” is changing the way I live. For the better!

The next three weeks of my life are extremely busy. I’ve been really stressed about everything that needs to get done. My doll production needs to be on super speed this week because I’ve fallen so far behind since Annie came into our family. I have a huge list of dolls I want to get done for Mother’s Day and my four year anniversary of Heartstring Annie coming up in just a few days.

But next week I also need to start working on garage sale prep. We had so much stuff left over last year that we decided to have one more this year, during the citywide sale, in hopes of it really being worthwhile. The sucky part is the timing if the city wide sale! WHY do it Mother’s Day weekend? What mom wants to spend the days leading up to Mother’s Day slaving over a garage sale?? Apparently, I do. 😛

In the midst of all this is my sister-in-law’s baby shower. I want that to be a priority in my life as well, even though it falls in the middle of the craziest weeks ever. I’m in charge of gift bags and door prizes. I think I’ve bought everything I need, but I still need to organize and warp everything. I’ll also need to do some minor food prep next week to get ready for that.

We’re also going to be celebrating Mother’s Day a week early, so I need to be ready for that too. I always have a Saturday before Mother’s Day tradition of going to the farmer’s market early and shopping and relaxing out and about for the day. Those plans will be cut pretty short because of the baby shower, but I’m still hoping to get a few hours in! And on the 7th I just want it to BE Mother’s Day. Fun times with my family. Relaxing. Enjoying the little moments with the people in my life.

And finally, immediately after the garage sale, is Greg’s birthday. And actual Mother’s Day, which we’ll still have to celebrate because his mom is having a party for all the women in her life. Our day will be higher focused on Greg’s birthday, but we still need to make time for both. And even though I know I’m going to be dead tired after three days of garage saleing, I want to be able to make Greg’s birthday special, with foods and activities and whatever he wants for that day.

Oh, and I forgot that in the days leading up to the garage sale, Greg is going to be working in Chicago. So I’m also single parenting for a few days. Plus making the garage sale happen. Plus soccer a couple times a week, and more school events. School events that never end. It’s A LOT.

BUT. Priorities, right? It’s not going to all get done perfectly. I’m sure the first thing to go will be the hopes for doll production. Which stinks, but that’s life. The PEOPLE in my life are more important and I need to make their special events a priority too. And the garage sale prep is pretty high priority since it really needs to happen! But this week, the next five days, are for sewing. Highest priority, new regrets. It works. And I like it!

Author: Amy Noe

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