Easter 2017

IMG_1520 extra stuff

Despite our rough Saturday, Easter turned out to be a very nice day. I was pretty tired because the Easter Bunny’s helper fell asleep in Caden’s bed and forgot it was Easter eve, so I had a late night getting everything ready for morning. Then slept terribly and was up around 4. Always happens the night before an important day! I think both boys were up sometime between 5:30 and 6. They spent some time looking through the things left on the table that the Easter Bunny couldn’t fit in their baskets!

IMG_1522 high eggs

Since Greg got so much sleep, I didn’t feel bad about them waking him up pretty early. So the egg hunt was underway! It was tough this year finding places to hide eggs that they’d still find, yet weren’t low enough for Annie to get into.

IMG_1526 annies' baskets

Found Annie’s “basket” first. A pooper scooper, pail for poop, and a few new toys. I always thought it was funny how many toys my mom buys for her dogs. Now I totally get it. I want to buy Annie new toys every time I go to the store. And treats.

IMG_1536 big bone

Jumbo dog treat. She always wants to see what everyone is doing, so she just carried it from room to room so she could keep watching us.

IMG_1545 basket hunting

Caden found his basket next!

IMG_1546 caden's basket

Always a personal challenge to see just how many things I can cram into those little baskets!! I tried to keep the fillers pretty cheap this year. A lot of one time use types of things that they’ll have fun with for a day and then we can throw away without any guilt.

IMG_1550 cat basket

Cat basket next. The cats haven’t played with any toys since we got Annie. 🙁 But I’m hoping that will change.

IMG_1553 the jumbo egg

Shepard found the mega egg.

IMG_1558 greg's basket

Daddy’s basket next.

IMG_1560 amy's basket

Then mine. Finally found a vintage stuffed lamb! She’s in rough shape, but I’m looking forward to fixing her up nice and pretty.

IMG_1562 greg's basket

Greg’s basket again. He’s always the tough one.

IMG_1563 jack snacks

Keeping an eye on everything. Rory never came out of hiding.

IMG_1565 shepard's basket

Shepard finally found his basket after many, many hints!

IMG_1567 muscles

Need muscles for the goodies.

IMG_1568 shepards basket

Lots of purple and lots of trolls! He’s obsessed with both.

IMG_1574 thumbs up

Dressed and ready for photo time. You can see Caden’s pink eye in this one. It started on Saturday afternoon and by Sunday night both eyes were almost swollen shut and solid red. I guess it was technically good timing since he didn’t have to miss any school for it, but still kind of a bummer since it stopped us from doing much the last few days of break.

IMG_1580 yes sir

They are completely incapable of just standing together nicely for a picture!

IMG_1596 hugs

IMG_1598 hugs cute

IMG_1605 boys amy annie

Trying to get Annie to sit with us, staying in one position, and facing Greg rather than me, was nearly impossible! And in the front yard to boot, where she’s highly distracted always trying to see if her friend Maya is out or not.

IMG_1606 amy boys annie

Best we can do. 🙂

IMG_1613 egg hunt

At Grandma Noe’s house for the second part of the day. The boys are off on their egg hunt.

IMG_1616 annie watching

Annie got to come with us for this part of the day, which was really nice. Though it was probably a lot more chaos than everybody bargained for. She REALLY does not like being tied up. Especially if somebody isn’t actively engaging with her every minute she’s out. But she did pretty well. Caden spent a lot of time playing with her, when he might have normally been acting out. I like that she’s kind of turning into a bit of a therapy dog for him.

IMG_1640 shepard eggs

Counting his 40 eggs!

IMG_1645 easter brunch

Cindy’s mega brunch spread! There’s a ham and sausages under the foil. It was all delicious! Greg was so proud of his scrambled egg contribution.

IMG_1649 family pic attempt

After a few hours there I ran Annie back home to spend the afternoon in her kennel. I was really hoping she’d just sleep after so much excitement. I guess without some sort of nanny cam I don’t know what she did. But she was pretty dang tired the next day, so who knows!

Anyway, at my parent’s house for the rest of Easter. I wanted to try and get a nice family picture, but you know how that goes. Didn’t help that the wind was also very intense all day. My hair did not hold up through it!

IMG_1650 hugs

IMG_1653 nicest family easter photo lol

Pretty good!

IMG_1654 tackling

And that’s the end of that.

IMG_1660 scavenger hunt

Back inside for the scavenger hunt. It was tough this year because my parents have knocked a wall out and rearranged a bunch of stuff since the last time we were there, so the boys needed extra hints.

IMG_1673 caden's basket

Found their way to the baskets.

IMG_1675 sling shot

Trying to play with their new sling shot/catch thingys. It was so windy!

IMG_1681 shepard and pork chops

Always the goof!

IMG_1687 easter dinner

Easter dinner! Delicious, as always. I hope to one day figure out how to coordinate serving a nice sit down dinner for a group of people the way my mom does! I haven’t been able to move past crock pot meals yet.

IMG_1690 desserts

And my desserts. Croissant bread pudding with butterscotch sauce and a strawberry cream pie with very wimpy cream filling. Both were good, but not really up to my baking standard. I’m losing my edge these days.

And that’s it! It was a very nice, low key, family filled day. Everyone was happy and had a great day.

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