2017 Annual Egg Dyeing Party

20170409_153008 caden

We kicked off Easter week yesterday with the big egg hunt at the park, followed by our annual egg dyeing party. The Rec Department decided to throw the celebration a week before Easter this year, which was kind of nice. I like spreading things out a bit so Easter weekend doesn’t feel quite so packed and overwhelming.

For the first time in awhile, the oldest group of kids actually waited for the bullhorn before getting their eggs! Last year one of the teenagers holding the “Stop” sign flipped it to “Go” without realizing and the kids stampeded. The year before somebody just started running and they all followed. Competition is fierce in the oldest group, but Caden grabbed a lot. He had to go barefoot so his flip flops didn’t slow him down!

20170409_153051 shepard

When we got there some guy told us the middle group was ages 3-6, so Shepard just went in that group. We saw after the fact that it was actually 3-5. Oops. Oh well, I guess Shepard was still pretty hesitant about so many kids, so it was good to be in the younger group. He got quite a haul!

20170409_153256 eggs

Going through the eggs. Shepard got one tiny popping toy and the rest of the eggs were tootsie rolls and smarties.

IMG_1443 dyeing

Back at the house dyeing eggs. The boys always have so much fun!

IMG_1445 dips

I made hot beef and pepper sandwiches, fluff fruit salad, and two kinds of chips and dips. Cindy brought coleslaw and veggies. My mom brought buns and cookies. Easy, but delicious party food!

IMG_1447 brownies

Brownies with my favorite chocolate malt frosting. It was supposed to look like dirt with orange chocolate covered strawberries as carrots. But I forgot to buy orange chocolate. And strawberries. So…eggs in dirt!

IMG_1449 cupcakes

Funfetti cupcakes with vanilla marshmallow frosting.

IMG_1450 cookies

And my mom’s cookies.

IMG_1452 annie

Annie didn’t know what to think about so many people in her house! I put her in the crate for the first time when we were at the egg hunt. We were gone about 45 minutes. When I got back she had managed to slide the bottom tray thingy out of the kennel, bunched up the bed in the back of the cage, and pull a blanket from the couch halfway into the kennel, through the one inch little openings. How?! I’m going to have to leave her in there quite a bit tomorrow while I run errands, so I can’t wait to see what trouble she manages next. 😛

IMG_1455 the boy room

The guy room. They were watching golf and playing games.

IMG_1462 egg pecking

Time for the pecking contest, a Noe tradition!

IMG_1470 brittany and caden

IMG_1496 timmy wins

IMG_1497 winner eggs

Timmy’s egg won against 12 other eggs. That has to be some sort of major record!

IMG_1501 caden wins

And then Caden beat him.

IMG_1502 caden wins

Always a sore loser, even more of a gloating winner!

IMG_1509 egg pecking

Teaching Grandpa how it works.

IMG_1518 egg pile

And some of the egg damage. Cindy and Brittany were gathering up eggs as they broke to use later, so it didn’t look like quite the egg graveyard that it usually does after these parties!

It was a good day! I love tradition!

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