Sunday Intentions

Well, I’ll keep my weekly recap a lot shorter than last Sunday! Mostly because I’m feeling way too lazy to get the photos from my phone to try and make this a more visually appealing post. Can’t do it today, sorry.

Pi Day was fun! The buffalo chicken pot pie was interesting. The filling was basically buffalo chicken dip. Which is delicious. But paired with traditional pie crust instead of salty chips…it was just really grossing me out. Greg ate a ton of it. Caden did eat his with chips. And Shepard refused to eat a bite, throwing a huge tantrum. No surprise, it happens EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. The s’mores pie also seemed a little bit funky. It was just pretty weird to bake a brownie mix into a graham cracker crust. I tried to cheat and use a premade crust, when the recipe wanted to fill a big springform pan. So it just didn’t work out that well. But I didn’t want the festivities to be a total failure, so I whipped up a quick apple crostata with a gouda pie crust. THAT was delicious!

My mom and I had a great time visiting that vintage store in Dodgeville and having a tasty dinner afterward. I’m not sure I’d want to make that far of a drive to see the store again during one of their monthly openings, but I’m glad my curiosity was satisfied.

We celebrated Guster Day by playing Guster music all night. Greg’s favorite band. I don’t listen to them on my own, but I’ve been to what feels like a million Guster concerts, so it was kind of fun to be festive. 🙂

And I already talked about St. Patrick’s Day in my last post! It was a busy week. Followed by a quieter weekend, which we all needed. Greg and I were able to see Beauty and the Beast yesterday, which was awesome. We had a family movie night watching Trolls. And today we had lunch and caught up with the in-law’s. I’m not feeling very well today, so I’ve basically spent the entire rest of the day reading. Which is partly nice and partly really frustrating because I have so much to do. 🙁 I just haven’t worked up the energy to actually do anything. Yet.

This Week

I think my intentions for the last few weeks have been pretty broad. This week I need to get more specific and maybe more will get done!

First Priority: Raffle Baskets and Work

I need to make one more thing to add to my raffle baskets for school. I’m really excited to put them all together! I wish I could have a business making themed gift baskets. I’d be awesome at it. But yes, I need to finish those up, hopefully in the next day or two if I’m feeling better. I also have some half finished things I’d like to get done and listed asap.

Second Priority: Decorate for Easter

I never got around to decorating for St. Patrick’s Day. I never painted these awesome wooden shamrocks I bought a few months ago. I never made more than like 4 St. Patrick’s Day dolls for the shop. Kind of a failed holiday. I need to do better for Easter! Greg dug out the boxes of decorations today, so I need to clean the house first and then hopefully get decorating!

Third Priority: Walking

I really, really, really want to start daily walks again this week. Not just to school in the mornings and afternoons, but longer exercise focused walks too. I was so motivated and I loved it last summer and fall. And then winter happened and everything fell apart. It’s MAYBE getting a bit warmer this week, so it’s time to walk.

Fourth Priority: Anniversary Plans

Usually we are very clear on what we’re doing for our anniversary by this time of the year. But this May’s extra busy schedule is just paralyzing me. It’s always a busy month, and always a fun month. But this year with the addition of joining the city wide garage sale Mother’s Day/Greg’s birthday weekend, is just really throwing me. And it’s still a month and a half away. I want to make our anniversary a priority (May 28th), but the timing just sucks. If you’re not married yet, I strongly advise you not to get married Memorial Day weekend. You’ll be busy with other things every year the rest of your life! Or so it seems. Anyway, I’ve been going back and forth between a one night nice hotel getaway for our actual anniversary, going on a slightly longer but still fairly local trip a few weeks later, or maybe just doing a low key family vacation instead. I can’t make up my mind and I’m having a hard time even thinking about it. But plans need to be made. Asap.

Fifth Priority: Caden’s Half Birthday

We like to make half birthdays special around here. Caden’s is this Thursday. He’s been having a rough time with life lately. Very emotional and angry. We decided lately that the best course of action to try and turn things around is making our best efforts praise him for the good choices he makes. So I’m hoping a day centered around him will cheer him up.

Meal Plans

I haven’t thought this out yet. My brain isn’t working too well today. I’ve been sitting here for five minutes trying to think out meals and it’s not working. Caden requested tacos for his half birthday. Pizza Friday. I’ve been thinking about a Jamaican Curry too. I’ll figure it out eventually.

Have a good week!

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