Valentine’s Party

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Last night I had a little Valentine’s party with my friends. My Favorite Things party in Christmas was so much fun, I wanted to have another event for friends to gather and laugh and eat and drink. I basically haven’t even seen most of my friends since the last party because it’s been so cold and icky outside. I missed them!

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The theme for the party was cocktails and desserts. I wanted to try and keep it simple. For drinks we had a couple kinds of wine and I mixed up a big container of this Valentine Love Martini (with pineapple rum instead of malibu, and peach vodka instead of citron) – it was delicious!

IMG_0449 raspberry truffle

The main dessert was my award winning Raspberry Truffle cheesecake. I don’t think I’ve made it in three years! It was still tasty! And pretty. 🙂

IMG_0452 dessert

I also really wanted to use these mini parfait and dessert cups, so I made tiny strawberry shortcakes and butterscotch pudding.

IMG_0450 salty

I threw in a few easy salty snacks to combat the sweets. My mom also brought some nuts.

IMG_0454 brie

And finally some AMAZING baked brie. I can’t have a party without brie. 🙂 I think this was the best baked brie recipe I’ve tried. I ate all the leftovers for lunch today. So, so good.

Anyway, besides just the eating and drinking, I also asked everybody to bring a $5 Valentine gift to exchange, just because gifts are super fun. Everyone seemed to put a lot of thought into what they brought and it was fun to see what each person received. I gave three fancy chocolate bars from World Market, wrapped in red and pink wrappers. I received a cake mix, Valentine cupcake liners and toppers, and a really cute Valentine spatula. I also gave everybody a gift bag of treats I’ve spent the last few weeks putting together. I wish I could have a career making themed gift bags. I love it soooo much.

It was a great party! Relaxing and special and just a really great time to connect with people again. I think it might have to be another annual event!

Happy (very early) Valentine’s Day!

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