Sunday Intentions

It was a pretty good week as far as productivity goes. I finished a bunch of dolls on Tuesday and had my biggest day of sales to date. It always feels amazing to sell so much right away, but also frustrating because I feel like I’d consistently sell that well IF I could keep my shop constantly stocked with new items! I just can’t seem to make more than a handful of dolls a week – if even that. Life keeps getting in the way, despite the fact that I’m starting work around 5am a lot of days and still working late into the night. Figuring out how to properly balance my time continues to baffle me.

At any rate, it was a good week – work wise. It was also a good week exercise-wise. With the nicer weather I got a lot of long walks in. I’m hoping I can continue that this next week. I’m also going to my first ever Zumba class tomorrow and I’m hoping I’ll love it as much as Drumfit. Unfortunately, the Drumfit lady decided coming to Columbus was no longer worth her time. I really miss it.

It was also a nice week with family time. As I talked about in an earlier post, the boys and I had a great hike together on Monday. Last night my brother and sister-in-law came over for a game night. Greg and I used to have game nights all the time when we lived in MN. Then kids happened and tv is the only thing we can manage to think about once they’re put to bed! But it was really fun to play games for once! And then today we went to their big gender reveal party – I’m going to have a NEPHEW! I was rooting for a boy, mostly because everybody was so certain it was going to be a girl and sometimes I like to be a little bit ornery. But I would have been very happy either way. 🙂 It feels a lot more real now, knowing in just a few short months there will be a little boy joining the family! My boys will have so much fun with their first cousin.

So moving on to this coming week. I feel like life is finally settling down a little bit after the excitement of February, but the schedule also seems to be picking up at the same time. After months of nothing, it looks like there are school events almost every week now. I wish they’d space the events out a little better! But I guess that gives us something to do. On the nights when nobody ever wants to leave the house…

Top Priority: Work!

Between parties and holidays, it has not been a productive month for Heartstring Annie. But I finally have some more time to really dive into it. I also did something that makes me super happy – I put a stop on custom orders until after Easter. I know I should be happy about custom orders because it’s automatic money. But I find so much more enjoyment in making what I want to make and then seeing it sell. Especially in this quieter time of year when I can stray from strictly making holiday and seasonal dolls. I have more freedom right now to really get creative and my head is just exploding with ideas. By tomorrow I should be able to finish up my last batch of custom orders and then I can jump in to some new things.

Second Priority: Me!

As I mentioned in the post I wrote yesterday, I’ve really been feeling overwhelmed and stressed with just the mundane household responsibilities and more frustrating aspects of parenting. So this week I just want to remember to take care of myself too. Go on lots of walks if I can. Take that Zumba class. Eat healthy. Read a lot. And what I’m looking forward to most – going on the Vintage Shop Hop with my parents on Friday. I’ve gone the last few years and this past year my dad took off work to chauffeur us around Illinois and Wisconsin, going to as many shops as we could fit in. Finding those unique vintage and gifty type stores is one of my favorite things ever. So I’m incredibly excited that we’re doing it again this year. I’m also really excited that I don’t have to make the boys breakfast, I won’t have to pack their lunches, and I won’t have to make them dinner! A day without meal arguments sounds like a slice of heaven. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to Friday!

Tentative Meal Planning

Monday – Pulled Pork Sandwiches (marinaded pork roast from the store mixed with a store bought Chili’s sauce mix)

Tuesday – Mongolian Beef – This might just be a meal that everyone will eat without complaint!

Wednesday – Chicken Tenders (hopefully homemade) mixed with Chili’s honey chipotle sauce (I love Chili’s and was really excited to find these sauce packets at the store last week!)

Thursday – Leftovers, probably. Unless I take pity on Shepard and make pizza.

Friday – The guys are on their own! Well, presuming I’m not home yet at dinnertime. But yeah, they’ll be on their own no matter what. Ha!

Anyway, I think it’ll be a good week. Lots to do, but lots to look forward to. Hope you have a good week as well!

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