My Favorite Podcasts: Part 2

It’s time for an update on my favorite podcasts! Last month I wrote a post about my current favorites as a new podcast addict. I’ve continued to listen to them throughout my day and have come across a couple of new favorites. I had to share!

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

This is one I definitely listen to every morning. Generally only one or two episodes a day, so I can let the message of each one really sink it. They’re usually only 15-20 minutes long, which I’m finding is my favorite kind of podcast. It’s frustrating when it feels like it takes me an entire day to get through a single episode of a longer podcast. Anyway, this one is by the famous happiness guru Gretchen Rubin and her sister, tv producer and writer Elizabeth Craft. On each episode they talk about a try this at home tip for boosting your happiness. They are all really interesting and useful. They also talk about other happiness related topics and end each episode with a happiness demerit and gold star for things that have happened recently in their lives. Overall it’s a really positive thing to listen to every day, and I think it would be the perfect fit for just about everyone. Most of my podcasts are more niche centered, but this one can be enjoyed by all.

The Lazy Sisters Podcast

I only started listening to this one a couple of days ago, but I’ve been totally binging it. This is a podcast between two sisters, Kendra and Hannah. They just have a conversation about various things, usually centered around pop culture. It’s highly entertaining and SO funny. I only hesitate to recommend it because there are only 26 episodes that end with “A Temporary Farewell” at the beginning of last October. I really hope they pick it up again as I’m sure to be finished with all of the episodes in a day or two! There’s also a Lazy Genius podcast put on by Kendra, that I plan on listening to too. Hopefully that’ll be a recommendation for next time!

Doughboys with Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell

I’ve realized I really like listening to podcasts about food. I’m just about caught up with my favorite, Spilled Milk, so recently sought out another. Doughboys is a podcast where they review a different chain restaurant on each episode. They always have an extra guest and proceed to talk about the history of each restaurant, what they’re famous for, and then their experiences at each place. It’s funny and interesting, especially if you eat at a lot of chain restaurants! I’m not very far into this, but I’ve found it entertaining. The only downfall is that each episode is well over an hour long.

Well, I thought I had more to recommend and then I realized I jumped the gun and wrote about them in my last post! Besides these three newest I also find myself listening to Spilled Milk, The Popcast, and What Should I Read Next almost on a daily basis. My list of subscribed podcasts is still growing, so hopefully I’ll have more recommendations soon!

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