Sunday Intentions


It’s Christmas week already! This month has really flown by. I think as a whole I’ve had the best and most enjoyable December I’ve had in a long time. Spending it in our own house has definitely been a huge plus. With the extra decorations, trees in almost every room, and space to spread out, it’s been easier to breathe and slow down and enjoy life. I had my priorities straight this year, knowing what would trigger my stress and avoiding it as much as possible. Though I’ve also found myself pretty crabby the last few days and feeling a bit resentful about what I set aside in order to get Christmas things done in a timely matter, throw a few parties, and feel totally prepared for this week ahead. Between moving, a major garage sale, and Christmas stuff, this is the fourth month this year I’ve taken almost entirely off from sewing. This is supposed to be my job now, where I put most of my daytime hours and energy. But I never feel like it’s allowed to be my priority. Other things ALWAYS come up. Other things always feel like they need to be more important, even though a lot of the time it’s not really what I want to do. It felt worth it at the time, but it also frustrates me that four months into calling Heartstring Annie my full time job, it’s really not even close to being my reality. But that’s something I need to figure out in the new year. I had my day of resentment yesterday, but I’m pretty much over it now. 🙂 December has been really good so far. I needed the extra time to relax and I loved having more of myself to give my family and friends. I can buckle down and get to work in January.

Looking at the week ahead, my to do list is pretty slim! Which is exactly how I was hoping this month would work out for me. I need to get some groceries – lots of food for quick, easy, last minute meals. I never know when we’re going to be eating at my parents’ or in-law’s with extra family in town, so it’s easier to keep things really simple around the holidays. No new recipes or elaborate dinner plans. I suppose I should also do some baking this week. I love baking, but can never find much enthusiasm for it around Christmas. I just feel like everybody is so overloaded with treats that it’s pointless to stress over making a lot. I’ll have to narrow it down two or three favorites to bring to the get togethers later in the week. Other than that? Just the usual laundry and housework! I wanted to view this week as my real vacation before the craziness of hyper kids and lots of family time, so I’m totally fine with not much on my lists the next few days.

Basically my only real intention for this week is to be present. I want to be fully available to enjoy every minute of Christmas this year. I’m really looking forward to our family Christmas on Thursday night. We have Greg’s huge extended family party on Friday night. Then Christmas celebrations and present openings with both of our families on Christmas Eve. And finally having Santa come to our new house for the first time on Christmas Day! It should all be very memorable and sweet.

I’m not going to bother with meal plans this week. Whatever happens, happens. If all else fails, we can just eat all the cheese and meat I have left over from my Favorite Things party. 🙂

I hope everybody else has a wonderful Christmas week! Don’t stress over the little things!

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