Sunday Intentions

Tonight’s post feels a little obsolete after last night’s musings on slowing down and not being so centered on my to do list. This weekend has shown me again how little control I have over basically anything. We had a plumbing issue come up where our basement drainage area is slowly flooding. Obviously the more water we use in the rest of the house, the worse the basement area becomes. But it also slowly drains away if we’re not using water for awhile. I’m hoping this is a relatively easy and inexpensive fix by a plumber. But being a new homeowner, every little thing that might go wrong fills me with dread and worry. I always imagine the worst. Tonight I am very stressed out, very tired after another mostly sleepless night listening to Shepard’s nonstop coughing, and not as excited about my week as I was before all these problems arose.

But life goes on. My intentions for the week are to just get through it! I was very excited about spending the first few days of this week wrapping presents and getting ready for my Favorite Things party on Wednesday. I need to do a little cleaning, a little shopping, and then the fun will begin. But presumably now I will be waiting on a plumber. Hopefully right away tomorrow so I won’t have to put off laundry and longer showers and dishes for more than another day. Besides dealing with that, wrapping presents, and having a party, I just need to get everyone through the week. The more I can accomplish in Christmas related prep the better. But if I can’t do it all…that’s okay. All of our schedules are really screwy this week so I think it’s going to be more than enough just keeping everybody happy.

Meal Plan – kind of a joke this week, but here goes:

Monday – Leftover tacos from today’s birthday party for my dad

Tuesday – Probably chicken nuggets or whatever else I can unearth from the freezer. Greg will be in Chicago for a work party.

Wednesday – Greg is taking the boys out while I have my Favorite Things party!

Thursday – Greg and Caden are seeing the new Star Wars movie and I’m not sure if they’re planning on eating there or not. Shepard gets to go to Drumfit with me, so we’ll eat something fast and easy.

Friday – Greg and I were planning to have a late Madison date night after he sees a movie with his dad (split date!) while the boys sleep over at my parents’ house. But…apparently we’re due for another giant snowstorm, so I’m not sure any of that will happen. In that case…pizza, as usual for Friday nights.

Hopefully this week will go much more smoothly than I’m anticipating! Home ownership is sure to come with many issues and I need to get used to it. The timing is just pretty terrible. But we’ll survive. 🙂

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