Our Family Christmas


We had our family Christmas tonight! We usually have it on the 23rd, so we can claim a little bit of nuclear family time before the 24th and 25th which are so packed with extended family. It’s nice to have a quieter celebration with just the four of us when the excitement is new and everyone is happy. We have a family party on the 23rd this year, though, so we had to push it back to the 22nd. It worked out well, though. Greg started his vacation today, so we spent the day together and had a nice lunch date. Then we picked the boys up from school and jumped right into present opening!





Shepard and his I have a cold and for whatever weird reason I have to always be sucking on my top lip mustache. He’s been wanting this lego set for a really long time.


For some reason I was actually in a store with just Shepard, so he picked out his gifts for Caden in person. He was so excited about this nerf gun.


They played with this the rest of the night, so it was a hit!


A couple of weeks ago I asked Shepard what kind of present he would get for me if he could. He said a really big shiny star for the tree. I guess he told Greg that idea and they got me one. It’s big! 🙂





Greg said that on his own Caden came up with the idea of getting me a yoga mat for Christmas. He knew I already have one, but he wanted to get me one in my favorite color and he’ll take my old one and we can do yoga together. I better find some videos for us to start!



Shepard saw these pajamas in the Target catalog and REALLY wanted them. Despite the hilarious facial expressions in this picture, he was really excited about them, put them on immediately, wore them the rest of the night, plans on wearing them tomorrow for Pajama Day at school, and told me it was his favorite present of the night!


I found this cake pan at a vintage barn sale. I told him it was a decoration, so he took one of my pictures off the wall and hung it up…




Shepard’s gift for Daddy because they love building lego sets together so much.


Caden’s gift for Shepard. He picked this out on his own too. Said that the only reason Shepard watched one of the Star Wars movies was because he wanted to watch these walker things, so he knew he’d like the lego set.


Shepard also really wanted to get Caden Monopoly. A couple of months ago Caden mentioned wanting it out of the blue and when we were at Target Shepard remembered! I was pretty proud of their gift giving talents this year!


Caden was REALLY excited. Greg is a Monopoly hater, but according to all the amazon reviews, this version of Monopoly has a much shorter game play! We shall see.




Caden gave Greg a Stardew Valley map because they bond over video games.




This was the hilarious present of the night! It’s from one of my favorite podcasts. I read the first couple of pages and was laughing so hard. Can’t wait to read the rest! I also got some house things – a wall lamp to go by my computer, an LED lamp for my writing desk, sheer curtains for our bedroom, a new snow globe, and some candles.


I wanted to make our dinner tonight extra special, so we set up the table in my sewing room and tried to make it look fancy. I’m pretty terrible at cooking more than one dish at a time, so three at once was quite a feat for me! It’s not exactly a balanced meal, but it was good!




Overall, it was a really special night together! Now I’m even more excited to see what the next couple of days bring!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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