Thanksgiving Recap


Well, Thanksgiving is done and Christmas season is upon us! But I wanted to do a quick recap in photos of the day!


Normally we do a family picture on or around my birthday, generally at a park so we can have a slightly nicer background. This year I just wasn’t on top of things. I was also hoping we’d get a really nice family picture when we were super dressed up at my sister-in-law’s wedding, but the only time we had a chance for somebody else to snap a picture, Shepard wasn’t cooperating. Big surprise! So anyway, Thanksgiving was the day. I didn’t want to give up on a family picture and I wanted to order Christmas cards with some Black Friday deals.


It just kills me how Shepard has the most amazing smile in the world and then he looks like this in posed photos!


Real smiles, but most awkward children placement ever!! We did get two pictures that were slightly better, but you’ll have to wait for the Christmas card to see them. 🙂


After our rapid fire photo session we headed to my in-law’s house for the rest of the day. It was a very relaxing day. Lots of talking, phone playing, ball throwing, and tv watching.




I love how they share chairs. 🙂




The turkey was amazing, as always! My mother-in-law Cindy makes turkey roasting look completely effortless.


The boys wanted to break the wishbone.



Shepard wished for all the soda he could drink. He got his wish! Just like last year he picked out his very own Dr. Pepper 10.


On Monday Shepard brought something home from school and immediately taped up a homemade envelope and had me write “Thanksgiving” on it. All week he repeatedly asked me where it was and reminded me that he was waiting to open it until everybody was together at the table. It was pretty adorable. His big reveal was a turkey picture that he drew. He was quite proud of himself!


My yummy plate. I really like the new tradition we started with my parents and brother joining in on this Thanksgiving meal. It’s really nice just eating one meal and really enjoying everything instead of trying to cram our stomachs full of two gigantic meals!


Shepard provided dinner entertainment when he remembered how much he loves crossing his eyes.


Caden trying his hardest to copy him.


My desserts this year. Pumpkin fudge bars with brown butter glaze, salted caramel peanut butter truffles, and crunch top apple pie.


I was determined to get a couple pictures of people at the party other than just my kids. I always tend to forget to do that, or I just feel weird taking pictures of people for no valid reason. But I always regret it! So – my parents.




It was a wonderful day and I’m so glad I got to spend it with the most important people in my life! Happy Thanksgiving!

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