Spring Break 2015

This past week was spring break! We didn’t have any plans to travel, but I wanted to try and make each day a little bit exciting and memorable for the boys. Here’s a recounting of our week.



Monday was our “big” trip of the week – the Milwaukee Zoo. The boys have never been there and I haven’t been since I was a kid, so it was fun to see something new. The weather was pretty good and it wasn’t that crowded. Made for a very nice excursion.




She had a baby on her back, but kept moving so fast I wasn’t able to get any good pictures. It was cute, though!




There were a couple of peacocks blocking the doors to this building, but we squeezed past so I could get a better picture.




It was only about 47 degrees, but Caden kept insisting that he was so hot. So he wore his coat like this the entire time. The whole week pretty much.



I love the bears!


Shepard’s favorite are always the giraffes. It was funny because the sign said giraffes don’t like to be outside unless it’s at least 55 degrees. This whole little herd of giraffes kept walking in and out of the building testing the temperature.


All the big cats were sleeping.


Caden was most excited to see cheetahs, but they didn’t have any. We had to settle for jaguars.






Caden had to get new shoes this week because his old ones completely broke.


They were each allowed to pick one snack before we left.


Overall it was a pretty fun three hours at the zoo. Shepard has definitely been into testing my limits of patience lately and had quite a few meltdowns, which is just the norm for him these days, apparently. I planned on going to a nice lunch afterward, but we went to Kopp’s Frozen Custard instead, which is more of a unique fast food type place. Shepard rolled around the floor whining for no apparent reason while Caden and I had sandwiches and malts.


Tuesday was our errand day. We managed four grocery stores in the morning. Talk about testing my patience!! Actually, attitude wise the boys were really good. No complaints at all. They were just all over the place. Exhausting. In the afternoon Caden had his friend Rett come over to play. It was our first playdate without the friend’s parent along. It was funny to watch the boys fight over him for hours. They never sat still, just jumping from one toy or activity to another the entire time.



Wednesday was supposed to be the warmest day of the week so we planned a picnic at a big park in Watertown. It ended up being pretty chilly (except to Caden, I guess), but still a nice day.


Shepard has been anti-photo lately. This is what he does when he wants me to leave him alone. Or be quiet.


We stopped at the only gas station on the way to pick up some bread, but they were sold out for the rest of the week! Fortunately some guy took pity on us and gave them one piece of bread to share. They definitely made it last!




On Thursday I wanted to take them to the theater to see Home since it’s something we very rarely do. But Caden acted like I was trying to punish him when I suggested it, so we skipped that plan. Instead we went to the big Animart in Madison to look at the animals and pick out some birthday presents for Jack and Rory.


In the afternoon my mom and brother stopped by to give Jack and Rory early birthday presents.







Friday was a lazy day for the boys so I could work on cleaning and cooking. I was pretty lenient with video game rules this week since it was their vacation.


I did have to make a post office run so we stopped at the park too. I wanted to get some fun pictures of the three of us, but Shepard wasn’t exactly cooperating. Story of our lives lately! He thought it was hilarious to try and cut me out of the picture with his head.



Better at cooperating.


My pizza helper. It’s Friday!


And we finished the night by giving Jack and Rory their new dishes and birthday dinner. They are 10 years old now!!

Well, that’s it for our spring break week! We still have lots today and tomorrow with Easter. More on that to come. 🙂


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