Mt. Olympus


For Christmas, my in-law’s gave Caden and Shepard a trip to the Dells for their big present. The boys both love swimming so much and everyone is always ready for a getaway in these long Wisconsin winters. So last Saturday the six of us headed to Mt. Olympus for two days of fun!


One of the coolest parts of Mt. Olympus is their indoor theme park. Granted it was nothing magnificent, but it had more than enough to entertain us for awhile. It wasn’t crowded either, which was awesome. The boys were super excited to ride the bumper cars. I was the photographer because bumper cars only look like the perfect way to break my back to me!


These also had a small indoor go-kart track. Go-kart racing is something they always want to do at Little Americka, but they’re not tall enough, so it was fun they finally had a chance to ride here.



After lunch at Sprecher’s, some time in the arcade for the boys, a stop at the craft mall for the girls, we were able to check into our rooms. Shepard was SO excited. They both kept running around the room yelling, “I love this place!”


We spent about an hour in the waterpark area – sorry, no photos. It was really crowded and so loud. We managed a few slides, some time in the regular pool, and Caden even got to go in the hot tub for ages six and up.


And not surprisingly, the arcade was the favorite place to be. They spent most of their arcade money (thanks, grandma and grandpa!) on these water racing games.


Saturday night Greg, Cindy, Shepard, and I went back to the theme park to ride the balloon rides. They look so innocent from the ground, but were really kind of terrifying!



I laughed for like ten minutes when I saw this picture! Shepard seemed to love the ride, but Cindy and I were recovering from it the rest of the night!

On Saturday night we had a snack picnic in our room, which was lots of fun. Then Saturday morning the girls went to the local Denny’s Diner to get their “famous cinnamon rolls” for breakfast. We then went back to the theme park and water park, had lunch at Famous Dave’s, and headed home. It was a great chance to get away from it all and have some fun!


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