Easter Weekend


Happy Belated Easter! It’s been over two months since I last wrote – yikes! Things have definitely been busy lately and the blog has fallen to the wayside. I’d like to occasionally do some updates on here, though it’s not as high of a priority anymore. There are just too many other things to worry about first. At any rate, here is a recap of our Easter weekend!


On Saturday we began our day at the Culver’s Egg Hunt. We didn’t know what to expect, and it was pretty crazy! Just WAY too many kids in way too small of an area. The entire hunt lasted about two minutes.

They only had a few plastic eggs, but lots of little chocolate eggs so I think everyone went home happy.


We didn’t think to bring a bag or basket, so Shepard filled my pocket.


Back at home counting their eggs.


In the afternoon we went to the Fireman’s Park Egg Hunt. The available grandparents and uncle joined us there to watch the fun. The boys were really excited!


We even saw the Easter Bunny.


Caden had Shepard convinced that when the siren went off it was going to be super loud.

Waiting, waiting.


We were standing at the opposite side of the crowd so we definitely had our choice of eggs!

Checking out what was in the eggs. A lot of cheap candy, and tickets for three hula hoops, and passes for three free games of bowling. Not bad.


Back at home for our 4th Annual Egg Dyeing Party. These are the desserts I made. Homemade peanut butter eggs, oreo truffle eggs, and bird nests.


Starting to decorate. This year wasn’t quite so competitive with four of the five aunts and uncle unable to come back for Easter. The boys were having a great time, though!


We thought we had way too many eggs, but the boys were fighting over the remaining ones by the end.


Shepard was the speed dyer. I think he made 36 eggs, leaving them in only for a few seconds at a time.


Caden was dyeing as many eggs as possible at a time, but left them in as long as he could stand.


I made baked brie with cranberries and bacon for an appetizer. We ordered Chinese for an easy dinner.


My mom made some egg cookies.


Caden and Shepard started out the pecking contest. Shepard really had no idea what was going on, but Caden was really into it.


He was more interested in his new hula hoops.


The eggs! Most of those are Shepard’s.


Grandma and Caden about to battle. Caden loved it when he was winning and was very upset when he didn’t. He’s quite the sore loser and was so sure everyone was doing it to him on purpose! Later he was still complaining about it and how “I’m just a little boy!”


Shepard against Grandma.


Shepard against me. That’s it for Saturday – it was a fun day!


Easter morning! The Easter Bunny couldn’t fit everything in the regular baskets so he had to make a separate basket of treats for the table. I forgot to take a picture of our actual breakfast, but we had crumb cake, bacon, and strawberries with sugar.


The boys got up at six. They were supposed to stay in their rooms until 6:45, but they kept sneaking out earlier. I finally forced Greg to just get up so we wouldn’t have to rush so much to get everything done before church.


Shepard, who has been overly amused by so many things lately, thought finding an egg in a shoe was hilarious.


Checking out their first few eggs.


The Noe boy knee sit. I see this a lot.


A lot of the eggs had marbles, which they immediately had to add to their marble drawer.


They found my basket first. I had lots of books, yummy candy, a Lisa Leonard necklace, and a bunny I bought in Santa Monica.


They found Shepard’s basket next, though Caden wouldn’t stop digging through it.




Cat basket next.



I finally gave Caden a very strong hint where he might find his basket so he’d leave Shepard’s alone.


They each got robots, which I think have been the biggest hit.


Finally found Greg’s basket.


He got a Lego Computer Programmer Minifig. I think he was offended by how geaky the lego guy looked.


Next we ate breakfast and went to church. Then to Grandma Noe’s house for our first (second?) Easter celebration.


Always doing silly pictures now. I miss his super cute happy smiling picture face!


I really wanted a nice family picture, but I guess it was too sunny. Shepard didn’t have a smile in any of the pictures.



Greg’s uncle, cousin, and his son joined the family for Easter. Our boys were so happy to play with their three year old cousin, Jeremiah. Oh yeah – they’re now wearing swimsuits because Grandma gave them each a set and they were SO excited. Caden has been talking nonstop to anyone who will listen how he has a swimsuit SHIRT now and he’s never had one before and he wants to go swimming right away.


Checking out their eggs after another egg hunt!


The kids table. Funny stuff.



Easter desserts! I LOVE that strawberry pie.



Notice the grass is GREEN, nobody is wearing a coat, and we ate dessert outside! It was the first truly nice day this year. The perfect day for it!


In the afternoon we went over to my parents’ for our next Easter celebration. We spent most of the time outside there as well.


Trying out his new chalk pencil and eraser.




They had to spend most of the time working on Tyler’s math homework. Lame!


Shepard was pretty tired and having a lot of meltdowns by this point, but he was happy to get some more candy.


Pip was so tired. Such a funny looking dog.


I’m not really sure what was going on in here, but everyone was laughing pretty hard!

So that was Easter! Lots of egg hunts, lots of Easter baskets, and lots of fun!


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