The First Week In

Caden has made it through his first week of school! The verdict? He LOVES it! He’s so excited to go every day and can’t wait to get outside and wait for the bus. So far every day he’s wanted to have a photo shoot. Kind of funny for the kid who never wants his picture taken. The only thing that hasn’t gone well is the bus ride home. After sticking with it the first three days, I decided to start picking him up every day. He wasn’t too scared once he knew what to do, but making him sit on the bus for 45 minutes every day when I can get him home in five seemed kind of ridiculous.

The boys definitely miss each other while Caden is gone. Though I think Shepard likes having more individualized attention from me. Every day he talks about what he wants to do “just me and Mommy.”

Caden doesn’t have school on Fridays, so I’m trying to start a tradition of Friday Fun Days. Most Fridays I’d like to take a break from all regular responsibilities and just focus on doing something fun and different with my kids. This last Friday we went to Eugster’s Farm Market. It’s a bit of a drive from Columbus, but we’ve gone there the last two years and the boys seem to like it. They have a ton of animals to see, as well as a lot of other fun activities.

Feeding the baby goats bottles is always fun!

Caden was having more fun teasing the goats…

The best part of Eugster’s is the kitty house. Lots of adoptable kittens temporarily live in there to get socialized before going to their forever homes. I think it’s a great way to get cats comfortable with kids.

Most of the kittens were hiding in the safe box. The one on the left is a little creepy.

Caden always loves being able to hold a cat. That definitely doesn’t happen with our cats!

After the farm we had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. I think my kids definitely need some training on restaurant etiquette. Better keep practicing! 🙂 Overall it was a really great day.

On Saturday my mom held a birthday party for her dog, Gracie. The boys were in charge of making the punch. Very serious business!

Everyone gathered around to watch Gracie open her presents.

Caden is hiding it behind his back while he opens it so Gracie will still be surprised. 🙂

Everyone is very excited about these!

Sprinkler time!

Always a cutie.

In other news, I’ve been sewing like crazy. I know I should be able to go at whatever pace I choose, but I feel this pressure to keep up with all the other doll makers, making dolls for every season and holiday early, early, early. It seemed to take me forever to finish my first batch of witches, but I LOVE the way they turned out. Especially the one in the middle (which is still for sale! ;)). I’ve also been working on a bunch of side projects. There are so many birthdays coming up and I’m trying to include handmade gifts for everyone. I love trying new projects, but I also have this constant nagging in my mind about how I should really be making more Halloween Annie’s. And fall pumpkins. And teddy bears. And more bags. The list goes on and on. What did I ever do with my time before I learned to sew??

Well, I have a lot more to say, but I feel like I really should get off my computer and get busy working on other things. Caden has two birthday parties this weekend and there is so much to do! I’m just hoping the weather is nice and we can have one of the parties at a park as planned because our house is NOT party ready!!

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