WI State Fair – 2013

Yesterday was our annual trip to the Wisconsin State Fair! I was a little apprehensive about going yesterday because rain was predicted all day and it was quite chilly! But it turned out to be perfect. It never did more than sprinkle, but the threat of storms kept the bigger crowds away. Once again the boys and I went with my parents, and my brother and his friend. It’s so much easier going with other people. I think the boys and I would have been pretty bored by ourselves.

I was worried about how Shepard would do with a stroller (he mostly hates them these days), but he stayed in it just fine! I was even able to cram a cooler full of water, a diaper bag, a ton of snacks, and umbrellas in a bag behind the little stroller. I was quite proud of myself!

The mini donkeys were my favorite. I wish they were easier to look at.

Funky haired alpaca.

Very pretty beast.

Caden was loving his grandma time! He was really good yesterday – hardly any whining and complaining. The older they get the more fun things like this are.

These poor dogs in their swimsuits!

Caden really wanted the same apple cider mini donuts we got last year, so that was our first priority once the buildings opened.

They were tasty!

And very sugary.
My mom always gets a baked potato. Boring! Though I think this year she was more adventurous adding a little bacon.
 We were still hungry after the donuts, so Shepard, my dad, and I got grilled cheese for a 9am “healthy food” lunch.
It was Jelly Belly Day at the fair. Lots of free jelly bean samples!

The boys got some Jelly Belly tatoos.

I wanted to get a giant pickle to bring home for Greg, but the boys talked me into getting them a cone of baby pickles too.
We spent some time going through the building full of things to buy, but the boys were starting to get really antsy, so we headed to the DNR area instead. I think they spent at least twenty minutes just digging through this colored rice with strainers. Why can’t things ever keep there attention this long at home??

Pretty succulent garden!

Caden found his favorite toy from last year.

And Shepard found his. We were in this area for about an hour.

Magnetic fishing. Shepard was so proud of himself for catching one.

And another.

Looking for fish in the stream.

Watching the new duck races is one of the last things we did. Grandma bought the boys some duck whistles.

Such a beautiful boy. 🙂

The duck races. They were very fast and hard to see.

Trying to get a nice picture that I’m actually in. Caden wouldn’t cooperate. Oh well.

After the races we headed over to an area we hadn’t been to yet. Shepard was looking really sleepy so I picked him up and he instantly did this. Caden was sick of being there and it looked like storms were finally heading in, so we decided to leave after that.

I almost was able to get an exact replica of the end of last year’s fair, but Shepard woke up right as I took the picture. Anyway – it was an awesome day! I love the State Fair!

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