Grandpa’s Birthday at the Mallard’s Game

On Friday night we went to a Madison Mallard’s baseball game for my father-in-law, Steve’s, birthday. We all went to a game for the first time last year and it was so much fun we wanted to make it a summer tradition.

We got there early to have a little birthday party with cupcakes and presents. The boys were both so excited to give Grandpa their handmade cards!

Caden made Grandpa a whole book! He picked out seven sheets of construction paper and I sewed them together to make it more authentic. I seriously thought he’d be bored with it by page four, but he diligently spent the entire morning working on it – and then wanted to make another! It was adorable how proud of it he was. 🙂

He filled it with all of his favorite activities to do with Grandpa, the ABC’s, a lot of pictures of him and Shepard throwing rocks in water, and lots of hearts.

Showing it off to Aunt Melissa next.

Shepard’s sleep schedule has been pretty wacky this week because he’s pretty much given up naps, but still needs them, and has been staying up later and getting up earlier almost every day. He fell asleep on the way to the game and was a little confused when we got there. Nothing is better than Daddy snuggles, though! (except maybe mommy snuggles?)

At the game! We all started by getting our meals. I decided to break from traditional ballpark food and got a BBBBLT. Which had like twelve slices of bacon on it, bacon mayo, lettuce, tomato, and a pile of cheese curds. I wish I had taken a picture, but my hands were too messy for it. I like Mallard’s games because they have so many more unique food options. Freshly made things too, not just overpriced, fairly gross food that you find at the bigger stadiums.

I was really trying to get a nice picture of all four of them, but Shepard kept stealing the show.

Funny kid.

Sucking on peanuts. Both boys were so awesome during the whole game. I wish they were so happy and well behaved during the day when it’s just the three of us! I’m kind of thinking the secret might be allowing them to eat nonstop like they did during the game! Hot dogs, hamburgers, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and candy. They were content!

Shepard spitting his sunflower seeds out was kind of hilarious. And really gross. Melissa and I were both covered in spit. I took my camera out yesterday and realized the whole lens had dried spit stains on it. Disgusting! But pretty funny at the time. He definitely has some power!

Greg and I. I think Greg was the only one actually watching the game. We were in the front row, which is neat, but I have a hard time paying attention.

And finally Caden and I. Looking very sleepy! Anyway, it was a great night and hopefully a very happy birthday for Grandpa!

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