Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! I really wanted to write this post yesterday, but I just couldn’t force myself to stay up past 10:30 to work on it. It’s been a very exhausting weekend! It’s been a very exhausting month, actually. I’ve been really busy working on something which I will (hopefully) announce later today. 🙂

Anyway! Mother’s Day – it was really nice this year. Very low key and relaxing. I really enjoyed being able to just spend time with my family at our homes, just hanging out.

Because we were out late on Saturday night the boys actually slept until almost 8:00 – a miracle! (Except that they also appear to be sleeping in that late today, when Caden needs to be at school at 8:00 – not fair!) I wanted to have a delicious, but very easy breakfast, so I picked up a bunch of fancy donuts and pastries at the farmer’s market on Saturday morning. Of course I ate two of those pastries before I ever got home! But I definitely enjoyed my chocolate croissant on Mother’s Day.

I got the boys gigantic sprinkled donuts, which Greg made them split. Good stuff, though. I pretty much ate carbs and only carbs all weekend. And then I looked at these pictures last night and realized I seriously need to lose some weight! So this was my last hoorah.

FYI, when you’re about to have tons of pictures taken of you, you should probably put on some makeup. Oh well. Here are my babies giving me my special presents.

Caden and Daddy made me a button picture of Caden and I holding hands!! I thought it was pretty funny when I opened it – I can’t believe Greg sewed something! Who knew. It was very sweet and I’ll treasure it forever. 🙂

The card Caden made me with a small, medium, and large real life looking hearts.

Shepard’s cards for me. He was in quite the silly photogenic mood yesterday.

Button picture from Shepard!

Shepard is quite excited about this!

I got a pink shelf that I really wanted to hang near my sewing area. I’m slowly pulling it all together.

And a sun umbrella so I can spend more time outside without getting cranky. 🙂 I know most of the world does not agree with my feelings, but I seriously HATE being out in the hot sun with no relief. Summer weather is my least favorite. I hate being hot. Hopefully with this portable shade I’ll feel more inclined to go out!

And a candle (that came with the shelf) that the boys spent ten minutes passing back and forth and smelling.

There we go – ready for the day and looking a little better! 🙂 Time for my annual mother sons photo shoot. It was too cold to do it outside this year. Stupid Wisconsin weather only knows how to be super cold or super hot. We hardly ever have those perfect in between days anymore.

We went to my in-law’s house for brunch. The boys had to have some piano time. 
The mothers and (young) children sitting together. 
I got a San Francisco tour guide book so I can start planning for our vacation in August!
And a Raggedy Ann book! My sister-in-law also gave me a really pretty pot filled with plants. Hopefully I can keep them alive! Every year I say I’m going to do better, and I’m pretty sure every year I do worse. 
Typical sight! Caden managed to slyly fit in a lot of screen time this Mother’s Day!
After digging through all of my mother-in-law’s craft supplies and taking a bunch of things, we headed over to my parents’ for the rest of the night. I gave both grandmas an Annie and Caden and Shepard Andy set. And both aunts/godmothers got an Annie and respective child set. Fun times!
So I’ve been sick all week. It started with a weird cold and turned into a major cough. It’s worst at night and I’ve barely been getting any sleep. Pretty sure I’m keeping Greg up too. Anyway, we got there yesterday and my mom immediately made me some tea. Why did I never once think about that all week?? Moms definitely come in handy!!
Time for a photo shoot here too. Gracie insisted on being in all the pictures too.
Grandma with all her daughters and grandsons. These dogs NEVER leave her side. 
Grandma kisses.
I decided to make nice with my mom’s cat, Oscar. He usually hides the second the boys walk in the house, but he let me pet him for a long time yesterday. I tried to get pictures with my kitties earlier in the day, but apparently even though they want to be on my lap every possible second, they do NOT like to be photographed there.
And finally back home with two last pictures from the boys. It was a very nice day. Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms, grandmas, aunts, godmothers, sisters, and daughters out there!

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