Just Launched: Heartstring Annie!

I have some exciting news! After a few weeks of working madly, I am officially opening my very own etsy shop Heartstring Annie! Most of you probably didn’t realize quite how serious I was about making Annies, but I’ve begun and now I can’t stop! I finished up my first one less than a month ago and have made twenty-eight more since then. Hopefully this is just the beginning of many, many more to come!

In this first month I’ve realized that I most enjoy making Annies with specific people in mind. I like fitting the fabric and theme of the dolls to what a certain recipient might like. For example, I made Annie and grandson sets for my mom and mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. I also made a set for Caden and Shepard’s godmothers. My friend Liz, who loves Alice in Wonderland, got a mom and son set with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Now that I finished up enough to stock the shop a little I’m going to make alphabet and number themed Annies to give to Caden’s teachers as end of the year thank you presents. I also plan on making dolls to go along with each upcoming holiday and season. In the next few weeks I’d like to start some patriotic and 4th of July Annies. I’ve been busier than ever in the last few weeks, but I love it and I’m really excited to see what becomes of this little business.

You can find Hearstring Annie at:


You can find my Heartstring Annie facebook page at:


And you can find a new blog at:


Check it out!

And thank you for supporting this new little dream of mine by caring enough to read this. 🙂 

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