Outdoor Adventure

I think spring might FINALLY be on its way! The last couple days have reached around 50 degrees. It seems like a pretty pathetic temperature to get excited about in the last few days of March, but for now I’ll take it! We finally had some free time today (because Shepard didn’t nap), so we went on an outdoor adventure.

Checking out the slushy ditches. That was always my favorite thing to play in growing up.

Interesting perspective. I’m trying to challenge myself to be a little more creative in my children photos.

I’m really glad I grabbed my camera before going out. The boys were being especially cooperative!

I love seeing him so happy. 🙂

Caden was so proud of himself for climbing this “mountain.” It’s the only one I would let him try since it was actually clean snow.

As usual, Caden is teaching Shepard the ways of the world.

No matter how many times I warned Shepard from walking in the mud, he still managed to end up in it.

They were both really concerned about the crumbling road.

Caden found this grocery bag  handle which he used to measure the depth of all the puddles we came across. I thought that was a pretty good idea!


I love his tongue sticking out.

We spent most of the time just exploring, but they did grab a few toys out of the garage to play with before heading back in. We gave Caden this scooter for his second birthday and he never showed any interest in it. Today he took it out and handled it like a pro.


It was a fun little adventure. I look forward to many more as it continues to warm up. Happy (almost) spring!

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