3rd Annual Egg Dyeing Party

Yesterday was our third annual egg dyeing party and pecking contest. We started doing this the first year we were back in Wisconsin. It seemed a lot more fun to just invite everybody over to share in the joy of egg dyeing with the only kids in the family. It has officially become tradition!

Yesterday was also Caden’s half birthday! Already halfway to five, I can barely believe it. He’s growing up too fast.

I made him some giant cinnamon rolls for a special breakfast. Then he got to spend a chunk of the day at Grandma’s house. Something special for him and a very quiet day at home for the rest of us!

Shepard helped me set up the egg dye while we were waiting for everyone to come.

Putting one tablet in each cup proved to be more difficult for a two year old than I expected!

And it begins! Shepard seemed very confused and slightly intrigued by the egg dyeing concept. After he put it in he yelled, “Where did my egg go?!”

Getting the hang of it now.

Caden and Grandma made cookies for the party.

Caden was really proud of his C egg.

My eggs – pretty pathetic.

The well coordinated couch.

Setting up our bracket. Which maybe we shouldn’t have done because everybody just used their one or two eggs and stopped. Usually our pecking contest is a lot more cut throat without the bracket.

Forcing my parents to pose for a picture.

The Easter Bunny is on the loose!

I always make egg babies to be my champion.

These two are taking this very seriously.

It’s amazing Shepard didn’t get sick after how many jellybeans and chips he managed to convince people to give him.

Timmy is the winner with his ninja turtle egg!

Pizza and brownie pops for dinner.

We’re all exhausted and trying to squeeze on couches.

Doing a second round of egg pecking with Uncle Tyler. Shepard kept losing, but he thought it was pretty funny.

After eggs and eating we moved on to game time.

And bedtime!

It was a great party!

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