Shepard’s 2nd Birthday

Today is my baby’s second birthday. Two years doesn’t seem like a very long time, but I can barely remember what life was like without him in our lives. Every day he brings us so much laughter and joy. He’s truly the brightest part of our family and I can’t imagine where we’d be without him. I love this little boy more than anything. 

Despite all my good intentions, the big day was kind of a waste. Shepard has been sick since Valentine’s Day and it only seems to be getting worse. He’s not throwing up anymore, but he has a horrible hacking cough and his nose and eyes are just draining nonstop. He’s been pretty miserable. But he pulled himself together today and smiled through it all. He was even happy about his donut breakfast, even though he didn’t take a single bite.

Mornings seem to be the worst. He just wants me to hold him and do nothing else. Which was kind of hard today when we needed to get ready and bring Caden to school. Poor baby, he looks so sad. šŸ™

While Caden was at school he decided he wanted a waffle. He always has to sit there while it’s toasting and get the cinnamon sugar out himself.

Back to his donut and being goofy. Even this sick he can still be funny.

The bulk of our day was uneventful. I wanted to bring him to an indoor playground, but he was coughing too much. I wanted to take him out to lunch, but I figured he wouldn’t even eat anything. Hopefully later this week or even next week we can have sort of a redo birthday celebration. Today was very boring. Shepard was really excited when Greg got home, though, because he knew he could finally open his presents!

All day long Caden was talking about how Shepard was going to be too sick to open his presents so he’d have to “help.” I think Caden was pretty disappointed Shepard happily opened them all on his own.

Shepard was enthralled with this light up, music playing card from his Great Aunt Sandy.

Caden gave Shepard a sticker book and stickers. And one of those popular turtle nightlights. Which he’s been trying to take for himself ever since the box was opened. Caden wasn’t handling all the attention on Shepard very well today.


I bought him this baby and stroller for $3 on clearance. He loved it! So did Caden…

He wanted an orange while I was making dinner. He took every single slice and sunk his teeth into it, but didn’t eat any of them.

And finally his birthday “cake.”

Such a funny little angel. šŸ™‚

Happy birthday sweet Shepard!

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