Celebrating 13 Years

Today Greg and I celebrated our thirteen year anniversary of being together. I know it’s not really normal to keep celebrating that anniversary after you get married, but to me this one almost feels more important than our real anniversary. Probably because we got married Memorial weekend so there’s always a ton of stuff going on that has nothing to do with our anniversary. It’s a lot easier to keep a sacred anniversary in the middle of January! Today is also the eighth anniversary of when Greg proposed, so it’s extra special. πŸ™‚

It didn’t really work out to have a date today, so we ended up celebrating three days in a row. No complaints there!

On Tuesday we had an at home date and I made a special dinner. I was really excited to try out a new pizza recipe because as much as I love making homemade pizza, I’ve been in a huge rut coming up with new flavors. This time around I made a fresh peppercorn crust and my first slow simmered sauce.

Taking a break from the stove for a self portrait. πŸ™‚

Pizza topped with mozzarella, bacon, broccoli, and fontina cheese.

It was really good! Greg wasn’t too happy about the broccoli when I was putting it together, but we both liked it overall.

Yesterday we had parent teacher conferences at the preschool in the morning, so we took the whole day off and go on a date afterward. I was hoping to walk around outside Madison, reminiscing of our proposal day, but it was WAY too cold and windy. We mostly just walked around the mall and then had lunch at a place called The Fountain and saw the movie “This is 40” in the theater. It was fun to just do something special in the middle of the day.

And today is our official anniversary. I tried to make another special dinner – our favorite kung pao chicken and a brown butter skillet cookie. Yum.

Caden decided to photo bomb our picture.

It’s amazing how much we’ve changed and grown in the last thirteen years. We were only fifteen when we met and it feels like we’ve already spent a lifetime together.

A very flattering photo. I had to bribe Shepard with a cookie to come over by us. He’s apparently very against the four person self portrait.

I love my family. We’ve built a good life together.

The boys have been blinded.

Caden is making such a Greg face in this picture. Too too funny.

As perfect as it’s going to get. πŸ™‚

Happy anniversary, Greg!

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