Christmas Craziness

Well, Christmas is over and I finally had a chance to sit down and go through my pictures from the last few days. It was another holiday season filled with party after party and tons of family time. The parties can be a lot of fun, but also a little overwhelming for young kids (and people like me who need a good amount of quiet time to preserve their sanity!). Overall, though, it was another special Christmas filled with love and blessings.

Christmas Eve was Twinkle the Elf’s last day with us. He brought Caden and Shepard each a present. One of these days I’ll post all the pictures of what Twinkle got into each day while he was visiting us.

A box of candy. In retrospect, Twinkle probably should have picked something else. Once again, we have WAY too much candy. I swore I was going to be better this year, but then I find all these unique things and can’t stop getting them! I need to find some other treats that aren’t quite so sugary!

We always start our Christmas Eve with present opening and brunch with Greg’s family. The boys had a gigantic present waiting for them! Caden is holding a wash cloth and looking miserable because he burned three of his fingers on my curling iron before we left that morning. He was watching me get ready and after I specifically said, “Don’t touch this. It’s very, very hot,” he immediately reached out and grabbed it. I felt bad for him, of course, but if he’d ever just listen to me… At any rate, it was a rough morning for him.

This is my best Christmas picture. They were both so excited, jumping around and screaming when they realized it was a new kitchen set!

Some cuddle time between presents.

He’s making the rounds with his hugs.

I loved watching Shepard tear open his presents this year. So cute!

The Noe men.

I got a sewing machine! I’ve been picking up things here and there the past few months to try and make my own Annie’s and now that I have a sewing machine there’s no excuse not to give it a try! I just need to get everything else cleaned up first so I have some room to do it!

Greg’s been talking about needing new winter work shirts for awhile so I spread the word and he got a closet full this year!


A carry-on suitcase! Now I need to find a place to go!

Greg got a Kindle Paperwhite! I’m jealous!

My dad delivered a package while we were opening gifts. We probably gave him the most exuberant greeting at the door he got all year!

I gave Sarah these salad spoons because I thought they were totally awesome. Sarah gave me three wooden spoons by the same company, but with birds on them. I am so in love with them!

Shepard got some pajamas which he immediately tried to put on. He’s wearing them tonight and very proud of himself!

Shepard was extremely excited over his new John Deere camera!

Caden and Shepard gave Grandma a new pitcher and 20 packets of Kool Aid since they’re only allowed to drink it at her house. Hopefully that’ll last awhile!

After presents we had a really nice brunch and then headed over to my parents’ house for the rest of the day. We just hung out in the afternoon waiting for everyone else to arrive.

One picture together.

I never got around to taking any creative tree pictures at home, but this one turned out pretty nicely. I love white light trees.

Timmy and Brittany with their new glasses.

One family picture. At this point Caden was extremely hyped up, Shepard was getting really tired, and I had had enough of both of them!

After much debate, we decided not to go to church. The boys are bad enough in a regular Sunday service, we knew it wasn’t going to go well at all at night when they were already so tired and cranky. I feel bad, but we did improvise a church service at home.

My dad got out his guitar and we sang a bunch of songs. Shepard was rocking out providing awesome entertainment for the rest of us.

If we had gone to church, we would have been hungry by the time all these snacks came out. Instead we had them about an hour after dinner and nobody was very hungry. It was all so good, though! I love our Christmas Eve snacks.

Caden gave Timmy penguin things for his godfather gift.

I gave Brittany and my mom my favorite perfume. Notice how Caden immediately pulled his shirt down so he could have a spray.

Getting very tired!

I gave my mom an Annie with a vintage dog attached since she’s such a dog lover. It was perfect!

Another big present! It was another kitchen set! It’s fine, though, because each kitchen set is totally different. The boys have been playing with them nonstop today!

My mom reading her special present from me.

I made all my family members a “52 Reasons Why We Love You” book. I started this project in June in order to get them done in time. It was a ton of work, but I think it was worth it.

Looking through his book.

Caden and Shepard gave me some canvas paintings and handprint ornaments. Very sweet!

And that was our Christmas Eve! We got back home close to 10:00. Santa came and we went to bed!

Christmas morning! Honestly, I was pretty disappointed in how our morning went. The boys were very cranky and had almost no interest in opening their presents from Santa. It makes me sad how magical Christmas morning always was for me growing up and for my kids they’re already so overwhelmed by this point that they don’t even care anymore. I hope that changes as they get a little older…

Caden was pretty interested in his stocking at least.

Chocolate mouth.

Their one big shared present. Santa mostly brought practical/educational gifts this year since he knew everyone else was giving them such fun presents!

The boys had just enough time to open up one of their gifts before we had to head out again. They got this Trio Hot Wheels race track type thing from my brother and they love it.

We have Christmas brunch at Greg’s aunt house. Every year the boys get a Hess vehicle from another aunt and uncle in New Jersey. It’s always a really fun toy for them to play with.

Greg’s aunt and uncle gave me a Christmas Annie! My collection has more than doubled this Christmas!

Reading to the boys.

Shepard’s favorite way to sit these days.

I thought this picture was funny because it looks like Alex and the boys are having a stare down over Alex’s present.

At least the grandmas are enthusiastic!

Christmas night we made the family rounds one more time quick to open our stockings. Shepard’s expression in this one is hilarious.

Caden was “so so so hungry,” so they had popcorn as a quick snack.

Sporting his new head lamp.

Taking a minute to help Melissa with her coloring book from Shepard.

And that was Christmas! I’m sorry if I sound negative about it because I really did have a nice time and I love all the amazing gifts I got. It’s just exhausting doing one thing after another. Maybe next year things can be planned a little differently. At any rate, Christmas is over and now we’re very slowly but surely opening up all the toys and trying to find new ways to organize. It’s proving to be a little more difficult than usual, but I think I’ve just about got a new plan worked out! I want to get this toy situation in control so I can start enjoying MY presents!

And on one more random note…. I was involved in this Reddit Gifts Secret Santa exchange online and I’ve been waiting weeks for my surprise gift to come. I finally got it yesterday and it’s another Annie! I was really impressed my Secret Santa took the time to find me something I’d really love! Though if a total stranger can figure out I’m obsessed with Annie’s I think it’s maybe getting out of hand!! I love it, though. 🙂

Merry (belated) Christmas!

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