Thanksgiving Recap

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful (and filling!) day with family to celebrate our blessings.

At home we started the day with this cinnamon roll french toast bake. It was so easy and yummy! I love finding simple new breakfast recipes that everyone will eat.

About mid-morning we went to my in-law’s for our Thanksgiving lunch. Caden helped set the table – a task he took very seriously!

Shepard of course had to help too.

Caden was a little grumpy so he had to have a pumpkin bread snack. He was in a great mood the rest of the day after that!

Again, Shepard couldn’t be left out.

My mother-in-law, Cindy, asked the two strong people to help her with the turkey. I was not included. 🙂

The turkey making pro! The meal was delicious! I even tried stuffing for the first time ever. Last year I tried gravy and loved it so I figured stuffing was worth a shot. I think I’ll continue saving that for everyone else to eat. 🙂

After eating Shepard decided it was a good time to brush Neko.

Finally time for dessert! We had five huge desserts for eleven people. I made this gingersnap cherry cheesecake. I love how perfectly the crust turned out!

I also made a chocolate berry tart. It didn’t look that great, but tasted delicious. Very intense.

Caden and Shepard loved having a distant cousin around to play with all day. Caden keeps talking about how he can’t wait to see his new friend again!

In the afternoon we went to my parents’ house for our second meal. Even though it was really windy, it was still decent enough to play outside for awhile. The boys sure love this sandbox.

Caden dumped his shoes out all over the kitchen floor.

The football room.

Shepard and Grandpa.

The food was also amazing here! I was responsible for both desserts (I love making desserts!). This is a peanut butter cup pie. It was so good. Seriously amazing.

I also made a salted caramel apple pie that I thought was going to be about the best thing ever, but I didn’t like it very much. Maybe if I had eaten it before my slice of peanut butter pie I would have been more impressed. Also, as you can see in this picture, I was pretty much dead tired by this point. How does sitting around and eating all day make you so tired??

Shepard was pretty tired too. I was really impressed by how well he did with all the excitement and no nap.

I wanted a picture of Shepard’s Thanksgiving pajamas, but he refused to pose for me so Greg had to trap him. I love this picture, though!

And finally, Caden has reached his point of exhaustion too. It was a great Thanksgiving!

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