Weekly Weigh-In Week Seven

Well, my diet survived my birthday indulgences. I honestly wasn’t sure what the scale would show today, but I figured it was leaning toward a gain. Maybe even a couple of pounds. I spent three days eating whatever I wanted and much bigger portions than I’ve gotten used to. Then this week I’ve had a bagel for breakfast every day, nachos for lunch a few days, and I made cookies. It wasn’t looking good! Anyway, I’m pleased to say that I only gained 0.2 pounds. I’m not proud of a gain, but 0.2 isn’t much to stress over.

I think one of the things that helped me this week is that I’ve been a lot more aware of how much I’m walking and moving around during the day. I got a Fitbit for my birthday, which is basically a high tech pedometer. I knew that you’re supposed to walk 10,000 steps a day to stay fit, but I never realized how far I was from meeting that goal. This week I’ve discovered that my typical day usually only nets about 5,000 steps. I’m feeling pretty challenged by this and have been trying harder to walk a lot more, even if it’s only in circles around the living room while I watch tv.

Anyway, back to reality this next week. I’ve really had enough of Weight Watchers and am anxious to see how I do totally on my own, but I suppose I ought to finish up the program. Five more weeks. I think I’d like to lose at least five more pounds in that time frame. That’s far from what I thought I’d achieve in this three months, but at least I’m moving in the right direction. That’ll have to be enough for now.

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