Yesterday was the best day of Halloween week – trick-or-treating! The boys have been practicing for weeks and were really excited to get some candy. It was a lot of fun this year watching both of them so into the whole thing. This is the first year Caden seemed that interested and because Caden was excited, Shepard was pretty excited too.

We started the day finishing up the candy corn cookies we started Saturday night. A boy in Caden’s class brought cookies like this a few weeks ago and Caden really wanted us to make our own batch. I thought they turned out pretty cool, but Caden informed me that the other boy’s were more yummy.

We went to my in-law’s for lunch and Caden helped decorate our annual pumpkin pizza. Looks like Neko was trying to sneak some pepperoni when no one was looking.

When the boys could finally get their costumes on they were pretty wound up! I thought Shepard looked hilarious with his sweatshirt underneath, adding to the appearance of his muscles!

This is apparently Batman’s main pose. Caden was so excited; it was so cute!

My Batmans.

Once again showing Batman muscles.

Finally time to trick-or-treat! First stop – Grandma’s house!

Second stop – Grandma’s house! We always trick-or-treat in my old neighborhood.

The Batmans are multiplying! And Robin has joined in the fun.

I couldn’t believe how well Shepard did! He even said trick-or-treat and thank you at every house and insisted on carry his candy by himself, even when it got really heavy. He seemed to be in a daze by the end, but I think he enjoyed himself.

Caden really wanted Grandpa to drive them around in the wagon. Poor Gracie is so confused about what’s going on.

Batman, Batman, and Batman. Caden wanted to know why Gracie didn’t get to have a cape.

Muscles again.

Greg running along while the boys and I rode in the wagon. I was highly amused.

Anyway, it was a great night of trick-or-treating! We all had a lot of fun!

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