Weekly Weigh-In Week Four

Another week has passed. And another loss! 1.2 pounds this week. I’m feeling a little discouraged since the weight loss is getting smaller and smaller each week. But this week was a little unusual since the first three days we were on vacation and eating out a lot. On Monday I made caramel apple muffins and ate those every day for breakfast. On Tuesday we were running a lot of errands and ended up getting fast food for lunch. On Thursday Greg and I went on a date to a local restaurant. And I’ve had a cold all week, putting very little effort into exercise. So I guess considering all of that I should be pretty thrilled I still lost over a pound! Weight Watchers states that you should only lose one to two pounds a week with their program, so I guess I’m still on track. It would just be nice to see a bigger loss again.

Overall this has been another relatively easy week. I actually only went over my point limit one day. I’ve found that it’s a lot easier if I eat something about every two hours and never find myself overwhelmingly hungry. So most days I eat breakfast around seven or eight, have a banana an hour or two later, then something light for lunch at eleven, a snack around two, and then a bigger dinner around five. I’m usually not that hungry at night, but if I have a lot of leftover points I might treat myself to some chocolate. This plan seems to be working out pretty well for me at the moment. Hopefully it’ll be easier every week from now on.

In other news this week… On Wednesday Caden brought a birthday treat to school. We made monster brownie pops. It was cute how excited he was to bring them in and afterward he wouldn’t stop talking about how everybody loved them and even the teachers ate them. He was also really excited that his class sang to him and gave him a sticker. His was the first birthday in his class, so it was pretty special for him.

On Wednesday afternoon Caden started speech therapy again. This year he’s getting bumped up to two twenty minute sessions instead of one thirty minute session. I know it’s good for him to have that extra one on one time, but it sure is a pain bringing him to that twice a week now too. Especially since Shepard and I have to just sit outside the door in the middle school hallway and try to keep quiet. Last year it was my most hated half hour of the week, usually because Shepard spent the entire time trying to go down the stairs, which he wasn’t big enough to do. (And throwing massive fits when I wouldn’t let him.) Hopefully this year he’s at least old enough that I can distract him with books or toys. Or my ipod…

Anyway, it’s been a good week for Weight Watchers and a rough week for everything else. Caden got his cold last Friday and the rest of us had it by Monday and Tuesday. Nobody felt good and we all took it out on each other. Even though Caden is really excited about all these new things in his life, he also seems to have a lot more rage and frustration at home. He’s been screaming and hitting A LOT, which Shepard always immediately runs to copy. Shepard has clearly been feeling really crummy too. Tonight he took a late nap and when he woke up he literally bawled his eyes out for an hour and a half straight with no desire to be comforted. It’s been a very physically and mentally exhausting week.

Fortunately, we have some happy days ahead! Tomorrow afternoon is Caden’s big family party. It should be a lot of fun. On Sunday is his actual birthday and I think we’re going to go swimming since that seems to be one of his favorite activities right now. I can’t believe that my little boy is almost four! Time is definitely speeding by.

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