Weekly Weigh-In Week Five

Well, it happened this week. I gained. 1.8 pounds. Erasing two weeks’ worth of loss. I’m frustrated. I’m not exactly surprised since I ate heavily last weekend and went over my daily points almost every day this week. But I also exercised a lot more and never felt like I was going overboard, eating as much as I would have used to. I kind of expected a gain, but not almost two pounds. I’m mad at myself. And mad at how good food tastes, continuing to tempt me.

Anyway, there’s no use obsessing over what I did wrong, I just need to refocus and do better next week. I started by taking a ninety minute walk pushing the boys in the double stroller this afternoon. It was completely exhausting, but energizing at the same time. I figured I better take advantage of these last few days of nice weather before I’m stuck inside all the time. Winter is the time to resort to exercise videos, not when it’s beautiful outside.

Overall, it’s just been a pretty rough week around here. I’ve had an extremely hard time getting motivated to do much of anything. Caden and Shepard are both still sick and have been in terrible moods. I have no patience for it anymore. I did try and turn things around a few times, like when we went to a petting farm on Tuesday for a few hours. I went on a brisk walk alone last night which was nice. And of course our long walk today which included a stop at a pumpkin stand and tiny dishes of ice cream for the boys. We usually have good days when we leave the house. Being at home is when things get rough.

At any rate, this next week should be exciting. Tomorrow I’m going to Cranberry Fest with my parents – one of my favorite days of the year! If you like craft fairs and live within a few hours of Warrens, WI you NEED to go to Cranberry Fest. It’s amazing. Then next week is our first week of Caden needing to be somewhere every single day. I’m not really looking forward to that much running around, but it’ll be good for all of us sticking to a more regular schedule. Then next weekend is my birthday! Lots of happy days coming! I’m just trying not to focus on my weight gain this week and think about how much better I’m definitely going to do next week. I can’t get stuck only five weeks in.

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