Door County Getaway

This past weekend we had a little fall getaway in Door County with Greg’s parents. We were there for three days and packed in a lot of fun things. I don’t have a whole lot to say about it, but here are some pictures!

We stopped at a park in Green Bay on the way up for a picnic and play time for the boys.

We stopped at a few stores when we got into Door County and then had dinner at Al Johnson’s, where the goats live on top of the roof. Kind of touristy, but the food was actually really good. Then the boys had ice cream on the brain so we went to a gelato place and got them each a small dish. This is my favorite picture from the trip.

Some running around time.

Then we went to the secretly “famous” Pebble Beach. It’s a super tiny unlabeled beach filled with smooth pebbles. We stopped there on our Door County vacation last year and almost froze to death. It was a much more beautiful day this trip!

I love this picture too. Shepard was enthralled by the waves. I wasn’t very happy with most of the pictures I took on the trip, but at least I got a few decent ones.

Bedtime at the hotel…always an adventure. The boys are usually pretty difficult the first day of any trip and then settle into the routine the following days. They actually stayed in their beds pretty well this time, but Caden developed quite the cold on Friday and was tossing and turning all night. Shepard woke up about ten times in a scream too. Nobody got much sleep, but that was expected.

Saturday morning we to Bailey’s Harbor for some fall festival they were having. It ended up being an antique car show and a craft fair with maybe twenty booths. We strolled through and then went down on the marina.

Next we went to P.C. Junction to play and have lunch. This is definitely a must see stop if you have little boys or anybody with you who loves trains. We found this place on our last trip and we all loved it. These four person bikes are awesome!

Caden loved riding with Grandma!

Shepard just didn’t seem to be aware of what was going on.

Caden sat on the steering side – watch out!

Still just very confused.

Lots of fun things to do outside and pretty things to look at.

Inside the restaurant the food is delivered by train. I think Caden (and Shepard since he was only three months old last time) was much more excited about this than he was on our last visit.

Next we went to Plum Loco Animal Farm. This place was pretty cool too – especially for Caden and Shepard. There were tons of animals to feed and a miniature village to play in with all the kid sized accessories to go with it – Caden was in heaven!

We stopped at the Not Licked Yet custard stand in Fish Creek so I could eat my dinner of Chunky Monkey Sundae. It was my one food splurge of the weekend. I had this on our last trip too and it was incredible. It was just as good this year! Yum.

On Sunday we headed out pretty early, stopping at a few shops and interesting looking places on the way. We all really liked this building near the water that people are allowed to write their names on.

Being sweet, but spreading those cold germs! I think by today all of the rest of us have the cold too. I hope we’re all cured by Caden’s big birthday weekend bash!

Goodbye, Door County! It was a very memorable trip! The weather was perfect and I loved seeing everything in the fall. Yay for weekend getaways!

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