Caden’s Camping Adventure

Last night Caden had his first camping adventure! My brother Timmy and his wife Brittany are big campers and they wanted to share the experience with Caden before the summer was over. We weren’t too sure how he would handle it so we decided to sleep in the safest place – our parents’ backyard.

Greg and Shepard decided to come along for the campfire portion of the night. We got there early so the boys practiced their bumper car skills while we were waiting for everyone else.

Caden started the prep work by filling up buckets of water for the fire. Shepard was not being very helpful.

Taking a break to tell Grandma some stories.

They were having a great time poking sticks into the leftover ashes. I love how they do everything together now. Shepard imitates absolutely everything Caden does and Caden is usually a very willing teacher!

Making sure everyone gets equal Grandma time.

Uncle Timmy has arrived! Caden was very interested in learning how to set up the tent.

Caden is usually a pretty good helper – at least if it doesn’t involve helping clean up toys.

Timmy was pretty trusting giving Caden the hammer.

Caden was so excited once the tent was up! He had to go try out all the zippers.

Then he ran to get Shepard to show it to him.

And when Shepard realized where he was being led he fought with all his might to get away.

We are very proud of our tent building skills. 🙂

Now he’s getting ready to build the fire. He takes his jobs very seriously.

Maybe this is a skill he shouldn’t know yet…

Hanging out with my silly baby. He was having an awesome time too (as long as he didn’t have to go in the tent).

Taking a break to give the dogs a walk beyond their fenced limits. Shepard wasn’t very good at holding on to the leash.

Uncle Timmy gave Caden his birthday presents early so he could enjoy them throughout the night.

A combination whistle, compass, and magnifying glass.

There you go, Shepard. I love his evil grin.

Watching Grandpa get rid of the extra ashes.

This is my favorite picture of the night. We gave Timmy this double hammock for his birthday a few weeks ago so he brought it back and we all tried it out. Caden LOVED it, of course.

Shepard, not so much!

I got super dizzy in it. I could never sleep in a hammock.

Contemplating the sky or something.

Okay, enough hammock fun.

The fire has started!

Shepard was actually really good about keeping his distance and watching from afar.

I wanted a picture of Greg and I, but Shepard insisted on being in the picture. Then he didn’t even smile!

I think at this point he was getting really tired. Or just so hungry he didn’t have any strength left to stop zoning out.

Hot dogs are roasting!

Timmy was the first one brave enough to try a pudgie pie.

Teaching Brittany how to make a pudgie pie.

Shepard ate a ton of chips and salsa.

And then he ate all of Grandma’s beans.

It was the perfect evening to just sit outside around the fire. We all had a lot of fun!

He is such a comedian.

Finally s’more time! Caden was definitely waiting for this all day long.

Another birthday present – perfect!

My mom’s new dog Gracie checking out the s’more.

Cuddling by the fire for about five seconds. Caden was moving nonstop. He did so much better than I ever would have expected, but he didn’t really grasp the concept of relaxing by the fire!

Around 9:15 Caden declared he was ready for bed and immediately marched across the yard to the tent on his own and went right in! I couldn’t believe it. He handed Grandma his flashlight when he passed her in the yard and was ready to sleep. If only he would go to bed so easily at home! I decided to go in by him and we talked for a few minutes and then he fell asleep. He slept straight through until six o’clock – no sleeping in for that boy no matter how busy he was or late he went to bed.

Anyway, it was a perfect night of camping! I really think it was one of the best nights of Caden’s young life. We all really had a great time. Thank you to Timmy for organizing it, my mom for putting all the food and details together, and everyone else for participating! It was an awesome first camping experience for Caden!

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