Caden Starts Preschool!

Today was Caden’s first day of preschool! I realize this may be a little excessive, but here are the photos I took before school this morning. I was a little peeved at the weather for being so icky and not giving me good lighting for the shots. 


On a random note, I got my hair cut a lot shorter than I intended last night and I don’t think I like it. I told the stylist that I wanted it short enough that I would feel inclined to leave it down and not have to do anything to it. I haven’t left my hair down without doing anything to it since like sixth grade. I’m not sure I’m able to leave it like this. I feel so undone and gross. It looks okay in these pictures, I guess, but not so much in the mirror!

I had to wake Shepard up so we had enough time to take a few pictures outside – at least the rain stopped for a bit. It was just really wet.

Suddenly playing with rocks was a lot more fun than posing for pictures the way I wanted.

Before we left, Caden was really excited about going, but got pretty hesitant and nervous when we walked in the door. He wanted me to stick close while he played with some toys. I stayed for about twenty minutes until all the other parents started leaving and I figured it would be best to go too. I thought I was happy about him starting school, but I felt pretty sad leaving him behind. I know it’s only preschool, but this is the beginning of fifteen plus years of school. A new way of life is starting for us today.

When I picked him up he was very excited again. We walked out the door and he yelled, “This is a really really fun school! Can we come back tomorrow?” I’m so glad he liked it. But Monday is going to feel like a lifetime away for him!

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