New Park Adventure

A few weeks ago I started stressing out about how few fun things we had done so far to take advantage of summer. Winters are so long in Wisconsin so the pressure is on to squeeze as much as you can into the short months of summer. So I whipped out some crayons and made a colorful list of all the places I wanted to take the boys before Caden starts preschool in September and life as we know it is over. (I know, it’s preschool – but still, life is going to change!)

One of the places I wanted to go was this really huge park in Watertown that I saw last year when I was at a craft fair. It looked like a place the boys would love, so we packed up a picnic and headed out. And as is what ALWAYS happens when I go to Watertown – I got lost. Google maps is seriously messed up when it comes to Watertown. My GPS wasn’t working on my phone either. Fortunately, Greg was available and able to direct me back to the park.

The park is actually a lot bigger than I realized. They had multiple play areas, plenty of open space, and a water area. We stuck with the big castle-like playground. I love this picture. And all the memories I have stored up of the two of them learning how to play together. It’s really cute a lot of the time.

Everything Caden does, Shepard does too. Even when he can’t really do it.

Brotherly love…very close to resembling a choke hold.

That’s better. Caden really does love Shepard, even though he doesn’t always have the patience for him.

Okay, Shepard’s had enough kisses!

Caden wanted to know why Daddy couldn’t come with us today. While it is sad that he misses out on a lot of outings, we are very thankful that he works so hard so that I can stay home and enjoy all these moments with our kids. Sometimes these days feel like the hardest days I’ll ever encounter, but I’m glad I have them nonetheless.

I thought I’d be able to get a cute picture on this little bridge, but Shepard wouldn’t cooperate. He was much more interested in what I was doing standing down by the river. At least Caden looks cute!

This park is really beautiful. So many weeping willows – I love it. I’m not that great at landscape photography so my pictures can’t really do it justice. It’s an awesome place, though.

They even have a huge pack of ducks that just wait around to be fed. We didn’t have anything to give them, but another mom shared some of her bread with the boys.

Shepard was really perplexed.

He got into it pretty quickly. Ducks are fun! Especially when they’re nice ducks that don’t attack you for the food in your hands.

Overall, it was a fun little trip! I’m glad I got to check another thing off my list and spend a few hours outside with my boys.

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